Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Misunderstood Martin Mortenson Mouse

Misunderstood Martin Mortenson Mouse
Eek! Why does everyone call me Eek? Don’t they know that I have a real name? It is not some exclamation. It is Martin Mortenson Mouse. Now I know that might not be very pretty but it is a name of substance, not some shrill syllable like EEK….
Why do I upset so many people? It was rats that carried the plague and they are much nastier than I am. Cute, furry, I have been known to be even cuddly at times. then there is their C-A-T. No, I will not say it out loud as it might summon that terrible beast. Yet they pet and coo over that horrid thing with his 10 sharpened weapons which try to do diabolical damage to me and my family.
Perhaps they should be afraid of him? He sends out his purring signal and within seconds can be using those sharp talons to wound them. Why can’t they see who the treacherous one in the house really is? Surely it cannot be me – I really don’t eat THAT much. And what comes out the other end is so small I don’t even need one of those terrible boxes filled with “sand” and  phew, the smell, whew.
Harrumph. I wonder how we mice have gotten such a bad rap for such a long time?
Mama mouse never knew the answer to this either. We don’t enjoy instilling fear into the hearts of women everywhere. I could see it if we were poisonous like a crawly thing, snake is what they call them or an arachnoids type spider but sweet, furry and with pretty blinking eyes? Such misunderstanding and abuse – there has to be an answer.
“Hey. Mom, Jenny’s white mouse had some babies, can I have one for a pet?”
Not likely to be a question in this household in my lifetime…. Oh, I could dream about this, being cuddled and pampered with my favorite mouse snacks from the mouse deli…..
“Sam, get that peanut butter and the mouse trap! I think I just saw another one scurrying under the piano – quick…”
 Well, at least they got the peanut butter part right but I know what happens if I want even the tiniest little taste – “WHAP!” Oh, no, here comes the Samari C-A-T, sniffing and prowling around my little door yet again. If anyone should have a persecution complex it should be me, Martin Mortenson Mouse in this terrible, twisted house. They really do not understand!
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Getting Ready to Praise the Lord

What prevents praise? Have you ever thought about those times when you would think about praising God and then think of many reasons why you shouldn’t?
One of the things which “prevents” praise is unconfessed sin. Sin – whatever the sin is: repent and confess and ask the Lord to cleanse you. He will meet you there and forgive you making your sins “white as snow”. When you are feeling fresh and clean then praise will, once again, flow freely.
Self Abasing – pride prevents praise: renew your mind in the Word. Confessing the pride is good too as that is also sin. Actually, pride is what got satan “kicked out” of heaven. A most beautiful angel, leader of worship and music and guess what, the leader of praise until he decided he could become like the Most High. He has been trying to tempt us to be tripped up by the same thing ever since, pride. We need to nip this in the bud.
Problems – our focus on problems rather than Jesus prevents praise: renew your mind in the Word. The Lord God is bigger than any problem we have. He is our healer, provider, deliverer, banner, covering, counselor. Books have been written just about the names of Jesus and what they mean to us. Can we trust Him? How can we not?
Wrong Concept of God – our wrong concept prevents praise: Jesus=God=Jesus: renew your mind in the Word. Come, taste the Lord and see that He is good. He is able. He is our all in all. You can rest in that and praise will flow.
Fear – opinion of others rather than what God thinks, rejection, ridicule prevents praise: renew your mind in the Word. Remember that we are “but dust”. Satan accuses. Sometimes we can agree with him. Yep, I am weak but in my weakness God is made perfect. It is a wonderful partnership; God and me. I am lacking and He more than makes up for anything missing in me, alleluia!
Prayer is always appropriate. We are so blessed to have a Father that we can come to with ANYTHING. Try taking those things mentioned above; sin, self abasing, problems, wrong concepts of God and fear directly to Him who is able!
Praise puts God between you and your circumstances!! Praise involves a choice, an act of our will. Think of a cross. The vertical piece represents God’s Word and His will. The horizontal piece represents our will. Our will appeals to our intellect, reasoning and our flesh. We need to surrender our will to Jesus. Surrender daily, probably or even more often that that! 
Yielding our will becomes a sacrifice of worship and we are free to praise! 
Psalm 9:1
To the Chief Musician. To the tune of “Death of the Son.” A Psalm of David. ] I will praise You, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will tell of all Your marvelous works. (NKJV)
Psalm 9:2
I will be glad and rejoice in You; I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High. (NKJV)
Psalm 54:6
I will freely sacrifice to You;I will praise Your name, O LORD, for it is good. (NKJV)
Prayer: Lord Jesus, please help me to get ME out of the way so I can freely and clearly praise and worship You. You alone are worthy and You alone are able to keep this captive captivated only by You! AMEN
This was written in February 2011 partially from notes taken by Marijo Phelps in May of 1980 Virginia Parks speaker Women’s Aglow Fellowship in Modesto California.
(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Pencil Praise Poems V

Fine Tuned
Lord Jesus
I long to hear Your voice
Start my day Your way
Refocus me on You
This is what I pray.
Singing  Halleluiah
Singing Halleluiah to my King
I know my strength is in You alone
Let resounding echoes ring and ring
Of my boundless joy
As You call me Your own!
Jesus, make me see through
So others might see You
Sunny, Wondrous rays washing me warm,
The Savior's smile.
Everlasting Love
Storm clouds in the sky,
The storm passes by,
Rainbow from up above,
A remembrance of His love.
Future Unseen
Some dreams
You dream so long
You begin to wonder
If you aren't but a figment
Of their imagination!
Talk is Cheap
Talk is cheap
Some people say
But have they ever
Paid the price?
(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with proper credits.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pencil Praise IV

Blood Bought
Jesus, Your praises are sweet to speak
Your beauty and mercy beyond compare,
I turn to lean on Your strength
And find that You're always there,
Waiting for me to humbly reach out
Accept Your perfect, loving lift
Admit that I cannot do it myself,
Receive Your blood bought eternal gift
Blessed Consistency
Jesus is my only anchor
In this sea of unrest
Called the World
JESUS is running the show
He's got everything under control
Will you step back and let Him
Or plow on and forget Him
Do you prefer peace
Or confusion of soul?
The choice is yours
You know.
Can’t Wait
Jesus, I think the waiting
Is the toughest part of all
Why couldn't You have come back

Covenant of Love
Storm clouds in the sky
The storm passes by
A rainbow up above
A promise of His love
(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with proper credits.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fear, Good Fear, Bad Fear.... is there Really a "Good" Fear?

Fear, Good Fear, Bad Fear Is There Really a “Good” Fear
A fellow writer recently posted a piece about an armed robber going into a store with a gun drawn and encountering the owner of the store and a customer. The owner boldly told him, "In the name of Jesus, I command you to get out of my store," He demanded they lay down on the floor. They did not but kept telling him to leave. He got agitated and left. Fear led to boldness, and using her authority in the name above all names, Jesus Christ.
Bear suddenly appearing, healthy fear flight/ fight adrenalin reaction within our bodies
Mick and I were hiking in the middle of nowhere. Actually it was oil company property which had just been opened as State Trust Land during a few months of the year. We were in right after it opened up. This means that with the exception of a few oil pipeline crew members no people had been there for years. Pristine, wilderness, remote are just a few of the descriptive words which come to mind in painting a picture of Bosque del Oso, which means Forest of the bear,  that should have been our first clue. We were totally enjoying the wilderness smelling of intense pine aroma with a gentle breeze blowing. The weather being perfect for a long hike , we were trying to find a small lake we'd seen on the topographical  map.
Suddenly I spotted a bear. I screamed “bear”, not too bright since my nickname for Mick is Mr. Bear or Cinnamon Bear from the days when he was a red head. He kind of glanced at me and noticed I was walking really fast, backward up the hill we had just come down. Then he spotted her. She had a “cub” whose rear end was just about as big as hers and she was slapping that rear end up a tree in front of us.
“Get back here and draw your pistol for Pete's sake quit running, she'll chase you.”
“I am NOT running, I'm walking fast.”
We both drew our guns and started walking backwards up the hill. She looked at the tree. Popped her jaws and began charging us, then seemed to remember “baby” and ran back to the tree. Soon she went into the woods behind the tree. We could guess she was circling around to come at us from behind. Pretty soon she was back at the tree.
Terror doesn't begin to describe what kind of fear I had. We get the outdoors magazines. We have seen the photos of what brown bears can do to a human body.  We were looking at TWO brown bears, one for each of us. This was not the lion's den. We were not here because we refused to bow down to the King's edict. We never shot the guns - good thing as she would have probably felt threatened on the baby's behalf and taken care of us.  We got out of the area leaving mama and “baby Huey” behind.
Was our fear good? Yep, kept us from wanting to get closer and take her picture, SMART fear. I don't think I was prepared to become bear lunch.  However, I am not sure what would have happened if we'd taken authority in Jesus name and told her to leave, that didn't occur to either of us at the time.
Daniel was in the lion's den. I imagine he had a healthy fear of the lions. He didn't fear the king or what he could do to Daniel, but rather, trusted in his King (God). He would worship no one else and his prayers to God got him thrown in the loin's den. Did God give those lions a full tummy so they weren't interested? Did He send angles to hold their mouths shut? Did he give them a sudden craving for “salad bar” and an aversion to “meat”? We don’t know all those details - BUT Daniel was saved alive.
Fear of the Lord is another kind of “smart” fear.  
Psalm 23:4
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. (NKJV)
This scripture doesn't say we will not have tough or troubling times but that the Lord will go through them with us. If we panic and get consumed by fears and “what ifs” does that show we are trusting God at His Word? I don't think so. We can lean on this scripture during those times, especially the “I will fear no evil” part.
Another scripture comes to mind about Jesus being with us to the end of the age.
Does that mean that God will be with or us abandon us during tough times? Knowing some of His promises and even repeating them out loud helps us get them internalized. God doesn't forget, but I wonder how often we do and need this reminder.
One of my favorite quotes from my husband is “God is ABLE and we, well, we are but dust.”
That doesn't give us an excuse but a head's up so we can be ready when the tough times come. Let's get into the Word and get ready!
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Help me not to be an ineffectual rattle,

Quiet me, Holy Spirit

Until Your timing is right

Or whisper firmly in love.

Squelch my quivering tongue

Until You can articulate through me

A message in Your strength,

Not my fleshly efforts.


Help me not to be

A noisy, 4th of July display

But a single, sharp, clean shot

Straight to the searching heart

With Your Word’s message

Shared in “other seeking”

Selfless love.


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There are so many places in the Bible where a believer is encouraged to go and tell. Go into our own world and tell who, EVERYONE about our Lord and Savior. Tell those we see daily – the mail man or lady, the clerk in the store, the policeman on the corner, the waitress in the cafĂ©, our friend down the street. Tell of the forgiveness available in Jesus Christ – share the wealth. It was pondering about this, the “great commission” to go, tell and make disciples that prompted me to write this poem.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My favorite photo of our wedding... 29 years ago July 14, 1985.. Mick is God's BEST gift to me after my salvation!!!