Thursday, April 28, 2011

Come to Daddy, He is Calling to You

Dad and Marijo Hawaii 1975

In Matthew 19:14 the Bible speaks of little children not being forbidden to come to Jesus and that “of such is the kingdom of heaven”. While I suspect that this verse is referring to our need to become childlike; loving, accepting, not questioning all that our Daddy says most children have some childish times too. This is a comfort to me in my reflections today. He knows me and He loves me still. Unconditional love that allows me to crawl into His lap and rest in my Daddy’s arms even when I am sweaty, muddy and with a skinned knee or two. Such an incredible Father He is. I regret only that I waited so long to ask Him to be my Dad, to forgive me and set me free.

Prayer: My Jesus, sometimes I'm such a child. No temper tantrums, but self seeking, pushing after little pleasures instead of pressing in to You. 

I crossed the street I wasn't supposed to. You placed restrictions, not to bind me but for my safety, out of Your love. Now the day is over and I come home with sand in my hair, mud on my clothes and a tear winding down my cheek.

Can I be that little one who climbs in Your lap, responds to Your open arms, listens to Your counsel and breathes a heart -felt "I'm sorry, Daddy, please help me? I need You So much."

And tomorrow begins a brand new day. Will I choose to clasp Your hand and learn of You, delighting in Your communion or will I chance to run into traffic filled streets once again? And I now hear His Spirit whispering in my ears:

Child, you are my daughter still. Now you are aware of the sand in your hair, your soiled garb from play and your tear stained face. Other times it was not so (your awareness) but I was there still.

You shall get beyond this point, there will be harder challenges still but you shall meet them in Me. If you lean on Me, I will carry you through. If you choose to walk upright, on your own, I'm there but allow you that freedom of choice. I love you but do not force you.
Prayer: Lord God, thank you for your patience and tenderness with us.  Sometimes I think that I am a perpetual toddler but alive because of Your most incredible love and grace. AMEN

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tainterturtles said...

I remember your dad very well. I was 15 years old when that photo was taken. Love those family pictures.

Marijo (Mary Jo) Phelps said...

I am really loving them too - most of our early photos got burned in a warehouse fire and we got some back that your Dad had taken - what a blessing that was!