Monday, June 6, 2011

Come Away My Beloved Child

I got an invitation today saying “come away my beloved child….” How could I say no? How could I resist? I am sorry to say that over four hours have gone by since I got that invitation and I am still busy Martha-ing  around. For those of you who don’t recognize that “verb”, Martha-ing is not what Mary did. Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and learned of Him. Her sister, Martha was in the kitchen “fixing” for the guests being grumpy because Mary didn’t leave Jesus to run out to help her.

OK, I have done wash, dishes, made a huge pot of chicken soup, cleaned kitty boxes, cleaned out one drawer, written friends on e-mail, hung clothes, picked up the kitchen, made Mick’s favorite bran muffins….. but I have yet gone to sit, talk and listen to my Jesus. The creator of the universe is asking me to come away and spend time with Him. I am doing the Martha thing. Lord forgive me.

And His invitation whispers still:
Oh my daughter, I long to speak to your heart. Come, be apart from the world’s rush with Me. I can teach you peace only as you accept instruction. I delight to fellowship intimately with you. I AM always here. Draw rivers of peaceful refreshment from my limitless well, it is My gift to you. Quench your thirst. Be refreshed/sparkling inside and out., as a teacher on a hot, dusty desert after being drenched/satiated with an artesian spring.

Be pure in Me. Let Me flow out from you. Let My Spirit overwhelm you with pure love, Agape, lift your arms, your voice and being to the One and only who is worthy. I love you. I know your every concern and am willing to bear it for you. Therein lies the key to perfect peace in Me.

You are protected by the fortress of My love, encircling you in complete and total embrace. Relax. I really am in control. Have no fear but lean on the great I AM, eternal creator, only God. I clothe you with my robe of righteousness and endeavor to make you whole. Yield. Allow Me. I Am gentleness, truth. My way is expedient and best. Respond to Me and resist Me not. Verify your growth in My Word. You are my Daughter. I am your Father. Rejoice in that surety. Rejoice

In Luke 18:17 we learn about receiving the kingdom of God like a little child. Picture your kids or friend’s children sitting in total attention during the reading of their favorite book. Can you do that at the feet of Jesus? Take a pad of paper and pen with you for those ideas and “things to do” which always come in trying to interrupt, write them down then focus on your Lord.

In John 15:19 the Bible speaks of the world - how if we belonged to the world it would love us as its own, then it shifts gears saying as it is, you do not belong to the world, I (Jesus) have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.

He has chosen us. I can remember back to grade school and the ball games we played at recess. Even my best friends didn’t pick me for their team. Whenever I was in close proximity to anything round that came flying at me, base ball, soft ball, kick ball … I think you get the picture… I turned into a total klutz. So, I sat waiting to be “picked” last. But, Jesus has picked us, and not due to any skills or lack thereof on our part. He picked us out of His love and mercy.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, You alone have turned our mourning into gladness. Make us, mold us, renew us to be like You. Thank You for turning up the fire to get rid of the dross. Thank you for Your incredible mercy, not giving us what we really deserve. Thank You that You rejoice over us with singing and love. Thank You that you want to spend time with us! Help us to respond eagerly to Your call and not keep you waiting! AMEN.

 (C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with proper credits.


Lisa Mikitarian said...

Yes, AMEN! I love the reminder that He wants us to REJOICE in Him! Thank you:).

lioneagle said...

Hi Marijo -

I enjoyed this rich piece. It has the tone of comfort.

I love this in particular, "Be pure in Me."

Marijo (Mary Jo) Phelps said...

Thanks Sandra and Lisa - HE is just so INCREDIBLE, isn't He?