Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Is the Sky Falling?

Is the Sky Falling? 

I was going to relax and read today. Uh, huh…I have learned over the years when satan has terrible temper tantrums it is because there are good things happening in the heavenlies and as the hands of our God.

Before I even scooped the kitty litter I noticed that, once again, all the freezer in the frig was melting. They apparently didn’t fix the leak. The replacement coils arrived in a beat up box (the worse I have ever seen from UPS) but the tech thought it was ok…. Now, a week later Marijo knows it was not OK.

So I call Sears to set up an appt. Tomorrow they have (yep tomorrow is the day I have the doc’s appt I have awaited for a month finding out carotid exam results and many other loose ends. AND I have a very much needed massage therapy appt – not sleeping because of muscles that are in trouble – but the frig comes first or I have to wait another week for him to look, put in dye then another week to come and diagnose and order parts… then another week for the fix… we just did this. Can you say instant replay?)

Evergreen (10 miles) has ICE. I truck down there and load up so I can once again move frig contents to ice chests. Yes, the chest freezer is filled to the brim (thank you Lord for groceries)

On the way back I am praising Him along with KTLF with both hands raised (steering wheel? Ahh, some things just need a two handed praise) I had a picture of God’s touch going down both arms straight to my breasts HEALING. Yes, this is the day I could hear back on the flunked mammogram-extensive biopsy results.
(Sorry if this is TMI but being a former RN I really AM sparing you the gory details, honest)

Then I begin the process of unloading the frig into coolers. There was a phone message – please let it be the biopsy results. I hate waiting…no, it was another doc that got a referral for me about 3 weeks ago and finally decided to call. The trigger finger and cyst can wait I have more demanding irons in the fire right now.

SO am awaiting the frig tech’s call. To nail down something less vague that 9-5 tomorrow and see if I can at least keep one of my appointments before cancelling them both.

What do I know for sure? SQUAT EXCEPT my Lord Jesus is in control and has me right smack dab in the center of the palm of His hands, there is no place in life I’d rather be. Deep breath as I think it is way past time to go and read. His Word first and then a good novel by a very versatile Christian author.

The washing machine is purring as is the dishwasher – a few cats are too and it is time for a pot of herb tea and Thee.

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Shari said...

It sounds like a very stressful time for you, MJ. That's the last thing you need in your life now. Keep us updated.

Love you, girl

Marijo (Mary Jo) Phelps said...

I am trying to rest in Jesus... easier said than done sometimes, eh?

itsnotaboutthemoney said...

It's so hard to wait, Marijo, but I think you're managing yourself and your fear of the worst really well. I look forward to hearing the results from you, and I believe that whatever they are you'll receive the help you need to deal with them in a way that will bring more quality to your life. Lots of love. Jennifer

Marijo (Mary Jo) Phelps said...

thanks so much - I have written an e-mail to my patient navigator an might call her soon.... arg.

Marijo (Mary Jo) Phelps said...

I do have breast cancer - the "best kind of breast cancer" - praying it is estrogen sensitive and treatable with a lumpectomy.