Thursday, September 29, 2011


Mick and I saw the radiologist yesterday for my breast cancer. Dr. Peddada was caring, concerned, gracious and extremely knowledgeable.... He gave me several options and answered questions and was written up in a national health magazine too... will see my surgeon on Monday and then know more about timing and procedures. I am still very upbeat and resting in the Lord's arms. Ladies annual retreat this weekend should be dynamite! The RN who is my navigator was there and answered more questions giving support and direction. this is the best medical team I have ever worked with!


The Other Linda said...

What great timing for a women's retreat. God in His infinite wisdom. His timing couldn't be better. Praise Him. Love you., Linda D

Marijo (Mary Jo) Phelps said...

Yes, on the retreat timing - I am meeting with a friend first who lost
her husband a couple weeks ago - we will have lunch, leave her car at
church and go out to the retreat (on 70 acres and the leaves are
changing, elk are bugling and it is fall in the air at night and
Indian summer during the day) for a hike and things don't start until
6:30 dinner - we will arrive around 1 PM - then go to the surgeon
Monday AM at 9 in CS (1 1/2 hours from our house - Mick is going with
me or maybe I will go with him and stay in his truck and read books
all day as he goes from job site to job site - he is a construction

We ate early tonight and are reading - soon I will go to bed and hope
I slept better than last night - a whole coyote pack seemed to be
howling and howling in our driveway?

I hate needles and knives and just want to get this part OVER... OK, I
will be patient.....

tainterturtles said...

I think the women's retreat will be good for you Marijo. Thanks for the update and hope Monday goes well. Love ya cousin!

Marijo (Mary Jo) Phelps said...

Wish you could come on the retreat with me! It should be wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

You are one of the works of His hand, and my prayers are with you. What a great God we serve. Have fun at the retreat.

Marijo (Mary Jo) Phelps said...

And He isn't done "creating" me yet - whatever that looks like I am the clay trying to stay firmly under the potter's hand!