Friday, February 10, 2012

Paula's Song


Last night I dreamed the strangest dream
For the Bride, Rapture finally came true
We were full of joy,
Gathered round your feet
Singing songs of praise to You.

Suddenly I saw the Great White Throne
Rivers of people
Came into view
I saw so many that I know
Coming to final judgment before You.

I saw my friend of many years
Sobbing with a tortured cry
It was only for a moment
She paused
And then she caught my eye

"Jo, you knew all along
I hadn't been born anew
Why didn't you tell me
While there was still time
What I needed to do?"

"Oh, you told me about Revelation's predictions
And how it was happening in the current news
And how it had been predicted
Two thousand years ago
How the end was coming into view

You told me you'd met Jesus
And that He was your friend
I told you we'd all get there
In the end

You'd come over to dinner
And like a little child
You'd ask the Lord
To bless our food
All quiet, meek and mild

But, Jo, you never told me
He DIED for me
You never told me
'Bout Calvary
Or the significance of that tree

You never came right out and told me
Or laid it on bold
That I needed
His forgiveness
And to come into His fold

I knew you quit drinking
Through Jesus you said you'd changed
But life changes
A lot of things
We all get rearranged

You talked of His lasting peace
And I was glad you'd found your place
But you never talked facts to me
About sin
Repentance and grace

Now I stand before Him
And finally find out my fate
Jo, you were my best friend
And now it is just too late!"

By that time I was sobbing
Lord, please turn back the time
So I can share with her
The scriptural ways
You came to call me Thine.

Just then I awakened
And was lying in my bed
And realized in my sleeping time
These thoughts by Jesus
Were put in my head

Oh, my friend
It's not too late
Forgive me for waiting so long
I half tried a thousand times
But those half tries were all wrong

Please let me share with you
Before it is too late
About how Jesus
Is knocking now
At your heart's very own gate.

The Bible says we all have sinned
And there's four things we must do
In order to be forgiven
And given God's gift
Of abundant life anew

Acts 17:30 says "repent"
Be sorry is what we must do
Sorry for sins
Committed in the past
That's the first step to being born anew

John 3:36 says we must believe
Believe Jesus is God's own son
And that though God
He came to die for us
Our eternal life He won

First John 1:9 says we must confess
And for all our sins take the blame
He is faithful
To forgive and then,
Cleanse us from our shame

And John 1:12 says we must receive
Receive Jesus to become sons of the Lord
Repent, confess, believer
And receive Jesus into our hearts
To get our eternal reward

Right now you might be asking
How I know all of this is true
I answer because
I know Jesus in my heart
And I know He's reaching out to you!

All you have to do is in faith reach out
And pray to God above
Ask Him to forgive you
To come into your heart
And fill you with His love

I can tell you now
It's been 3 years since Jesus and I first met
Though I messed up
Many a time
Jesus has never failed me yet!!

(It has now been 37 years and this still holds true!!)

(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with proper credits.


Catrina Bradley... said...

Marijo! I love it! I wish I had more courage to be BOLD.

Marijo (Mary Jo) Phelps said...

Ask our Lord and He will help you - I about died sharing this one with her - the phone rang and I kept being interrupted.... arg.