Monday, April 23, 2012

Full Sail University-School Pride Essay by Jessie I Snyder

This is a guest piece by my friend Jessie:

Full Sail University-School Pride Essay by Jessie I Snyder

From the time I was nine years old I wanted to become a professional writer. I wanted to write my own books, write for magazines, and for websites. I practiced and practiced until I became an excellent writer. I learned to write from my heart and soul. I thought I was on my way to my dream career. 

Then when I was 14 years old I was diagnosed with HIV after receiving a blood transfusion during surgery to repair a broken neck. I was told that I probably wouldn’t live to reach my 18th birthday. I was only in the fifth grade therefore graduating high school didn’t even seem to be an option for me. At that point college was last thing on my mind. 

As the years passed and new medicine became available my health improved and my future became brighter. I was able to finish high school and on June 3, 1993 I graduated from Pearl Cohn Comprehensive High. At that point I still wasn’t sure about going to college. I knew I still wanted to become a professional writer, but I also knew how hard it was going to be to make a career out of writing. However, in the fall of 1997 I enrolled in college at Nashville Tech, I majored in small business management, but in the spring semester I had to drop out due to my health. 

Many more years passed me by and it was still my dream to obtain a college degree. Then again in 2007 I enrolled in college at Nashville State Community College, this time I majored in office administration medical concentration. But after five years of attending college to become a medical secretary, I felt like I had not accomplished my dream of becoming a writer. I was now 39 years old and not getting any younger. At that point I decided to find a school that could help me in accomplishing my dream. I started searching the Internet for colleges and universities that offered a degree in creative writing. 

After hours and hours on the Internet I came across Full Sail University. I found that Full Sail University offered a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment. I had finally found a college that would specifically contribute to my career path and help my attain my dream career of becoming a professional writer. So I filled out the online enrollment application and the next day I was contacted by the admissions department. I completed the admissions process and on April 30, 2012 I began working towards a degree that would help direct me on the path to my dream career as a professional writer. 

Out of all the colleges I researched, Full Sail University was the only college I found that offered me exactly what I was going to need to become the professional writer that I so desperately wanted to become. I would like to say: “Thank you Full Sail University for helping me obtain the right education and making my dream of becoming a professional writer come true.” 

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