Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jimmy Dean Light Sausage Soup

I package JD light made into little tiny balls or tear into small pieces and browned
(sop up grease with paper towel- or put into strainer and run warm water over it and wipe out pan – it really helps!)

Remove sausage to a dish – spray pan with Pam and brown 2 diced onions
Celery leaves and stalks (1 bunch-inside pieces gets the leaves)
4 cloves crushed garlic
4 bullion cubes and 6 C water – add a little to the veggies and finish
cooking the above mixture

Put the rest of bullion into above mixture

2 large turnips – diced
3-4 potatoes with skin diced
ornamental kale – 8 leaves cut in ½ and sliced  or napa or regular cabbage or Bok Choy for variety

Simmer until cooked

Thyme, pepper and cayenne pepper to taste

At last add 1 pt low fat butter milk
1 Tbsp butter
JD sausage


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