Saturday, April 28, 2012


Psalm 4:8 I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; For You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.

Thick, creamy, delicious melting on my tongue…. ahhh, dark chocolate – probably not the best idea for my teeth at bedtime but makes for wonderful dreams…I rolled over trying to snuggle under the blankets…. something isn’t right…..

I am hearing whistling – hum, our older kitty is asleep with us since she was having some serious problems and is probably on her way to kitty heaven soon, so she isn’t asleep in the garage kitty condos. No, through sleep fog I realized it is not Katy snoring.

With one eye at half mast and the other tightly closed I peeked. It was a full moon, the light is pouring in through the wooden blind slats. Oh, no! Not elk!

I jumped up and cocked a wooden blind looking all over the front yard. Yes, there down at the end of my flower garden by the newly planted iris were chocolate furry butts, two of them, way too huge to be deer.

Adrenalin hit big time as I hollered to Mick “Honey, there are ELK in my IRIS and I ‘m grabbing my bathrobe….. you coming with me?”

“Muff- waah, frump, huh?”

By that time I have the bathrobe where it would do me some good, I storm to the front door, throw it open and roar a big growl. The elk scattered. Oh, my goodness are there really THAT many? About 30 of the massive wapiti flew is several directions. I could hear the thundering of their hooves and feel the shaky ground. Then I made the mistake of talking to them, they pull up short, turn and look at me with curiosity.

This is why I hit the porch with a growl. I knew from past episodes that even clapping my hands and barking made them move a couple yards , then stop to check me out.  I didn’t want them to check me out I wanted them to GET OUT. I haven’t slaved over those iris, trying to grow them at 8600 feet to have them be elk brunch.

So, I growled my best HUGE dog and bear growl combo, they took off once again. Some were puzzled by the black snow fence with only one jumping it – the rest ran the length and to the smooth wire fence they were accustomed to jumping.

“Hey, did you see those elk that were lying down when you growled? They didn’t stand up they shot, like a rocket straight up and took off – hey, next time could you try clapping so we don’t worry about them tearing down the fence?”

Yep, my hubby was now awake and giving me advice…never once had they torn down the fence as this has happened about 4 times now. Most of the time I had my elk encounters in the middle of the night while Mick was gone hunting, so I was the resident elk motivator expert here….

Two hours later my adrenalin was still running on high. I finally slept. The next morning showed that though they had eaten several of my new iris to a nubbins they hadn’t uprooted them. Whew, I growled just in time.

Oh, no, while I was out there I totally forgot to check the seedling ponderosas to see if they got trampled!

And the score is Marijo five and elk ZERO. The seedlings were ok proving these 700 to over 1000 pound critters did know how to do a delicate dance. And to think this all stated out with sweet dreams about chocolate…..

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