Tuesday, May 8, 2012

FEEL the Emptiness without Jesus

 (written before I was saved)

Mortal Love

It’s a numb nothingness that I feel
A nothingness that can't be touched

By laughter, only by tears.

Cry, cry you lonely tears

While I try to squeeze out
The loneliness drop by drop
How can I wring it dry
When the very source is loneliness?


And you? You are gone.


You’ve lost it again
You let it slip right through your fingers
And float

It's gone

He's gone
And there's nothing left to start over with

It drifted away

Cloud by cloud
Dream by dream
And I can't bring it back to me

No, I can't bring it back to me.


Rebel without a cause, 
Shouting without a cry,
If he'll always exist like this,
Without a life he'll die.

Rebel without a cause, 

Yelling without a cry.
Won't even listen to loved ones,
Who see he's living a lie.

Rebel without a cause, 

Screaming without a cry,
He lives a pitiful wasted life, 
Empty, he does cry.

Rebel now with a cause, 

Calling out with a cry,
At last! But it was too late.
Alone, he did die.

(The rebel eventually came to Jesus!!!)

So Blows the Wind

Wind blows the leaves to keep them awake

There are so many on a tree, yet they all blow together.

In that big tree, the one outside your window
There must be one near, are the leaves awake?
It is so very far away that I cannot see.
I can only wish that someday the wind, which blows
On you now will blow on us again, together.

Then and Only Then

The time must come for all goodbyes
In closing I'd just like to say
It's been nice knowing you
And now I'll be on my way
When am I coming back to YOU?
You might never see that day.
But chances are awfully good
That sometime again you may

I am life's lonely traveler

Lost in a world of non
Don't you try to look for me
'Cuz tomorrow I might be gone.

The winter is almost here right now

The cold is about to come
I am freezing with the frost
Feeling nothing as I get numb.

The frozen in me would be thawed

And happiness abide
If in love my voice would resound
And rush back to my side
If my own ears it would astound
And finally set me free 
Then and only then would peace abide in me.

Precious Things

Pearls and love are so much the same,

They can be pure white or black with shame.

The flaws in the pearls 
Are like the flaws in love;
The harder you look 
The more there are of.
So think before you try to prove 
Your love's stand,
You might find all that it rests on 
Is a small grain of sand.

 (I have since then met the Prince of Peace and have never been the same since!! Jesus is most incredible!!)

(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with with proper credits.

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