Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Marijo’s Lower Fat Black Forest Cake

1 chocolate cake box mix (I use the triple chocolate one and ADD 2 TBSP of unsweetened cocoa – optional)

Mix according to package directions EXCEPT use same amount of unsweetened apple sauce instead of the oil it calls for. THIS WORKS AT HIGH ALTITUDE IN SPITE OF THE CAKE MIX SAYING IT DOESN”T we are at 8600 feet and it just makes really moist and tosses out the oil calories.

OPTIONAL :ADD 1 tsp almond extract (Safeway Brand is least expensive) this is yummy in any recipe with chocolate – I routinely use instead of vanilla.

Bake according to package directions testing for doneness (at 8600 feet mine bakes in LESS time than they say)

Remove from oven and cool

I realize it is difficult to allow chocolate to SIT there but it is well worth the wait, honest.

1 container of cool whip (I use the fat free and sugar free one) spread on top of the cake

1 can cherry pie filling (I use the one sweetened with Splenda)  dropped in dollops on the top of the cake.

You can use 2 cans of the pie filling.

Refregerate (now here is where I usually draw the line….it is chocolate and to be eaten!!!) and serve and enjoy!

(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with proper credits.

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tainterturtles said...

Sounds delicious. I love chocolate and cherries!