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My Frustrations with President Obama, and Why He's Not Getting This Black Vote by guest writer Mogama

Mogama is a fellow writer and Christian pastor. We have written for the same website for several years now.  He has written an incredible book, called Refugee Was My Name which I have in my personal library and would recommend to everyone.

Refugee Was My Name is a true story based on a private dairy-journal kept by the author during pre-civil war and through rebel checkpoints, as a displaced person in Liberia, and as a refugee in Sierra Leone and Ghana before moving to Kentucky in the USA. Dates and places are real. Personal names are real or created to protect the author or other persons.

His book is available at

His article below is written with clarity and expresses well my frustrations along with some others that I hadn’t considered. I have not had a guest writer on my blog except for Jessie writing in hopes to get a scholarship. Hope you are enlightened by this most well thought out piece.


My Frustrations with President Obama, and Why He's Not Getting This Black Vote

Posted: Tuesday, May 22, 2012

by Mogama(23,881)

Did I cast the right vote when I selected Senator Barack Obama in 2008? More importantly, was mine a righteous vote?

I use the words "right" and "righteous" not only in a moral sense but also with reference to justice. I reasoned that the election of Mr. Obama was necessary to permanently heal the racial injustice by which America and other Westerners humiliated and enslaved Africans in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

I reckoned my vote a final "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" of the corpse of race-based slavery followed by segregation, lingering discrimination and the inequality that have plagued the sons and daughters of Ham (patriarch of dark-skin peoples). My vote yelled "JUSTICE at last"!

What voice could sound the trumpet of justice any louder than seeing a son of Ham in the white house that black slaves built? A biblical sense of justice assumes that measurable reparation must always be made for slavery. That was a primary theme of the Exodus, when Israelite slaves were not only delivered from Egyptian bondage but also departed with much Egyptian bounty (Exodus 3:22; 11:2; 12:35-36). There was no doubt in my mind that an Obama presidency would be a part of a fitting reparation for the gory and gruesome inhumanity of slavery.

Satisfied that my vote had helped to deliver historical justice at the cemetery of racism, I was unprepared that the black man I had selected would become a warrior against everything most blacks stand for. Needless to say, I am more than disappointed that I voted for Senator Obama. I am very frustrated, and I have started voicing my sickening frustration, which may only be somewhat relieved when I vote against President Obama one smiley Tuesday in November 2012. Just can't wait!

Obama's Record on Africa

Let me start with Liberia, that unique nation founded in the 1820s on the former Grain Coast of West Africa by former slaves from the United States. President Obama has done nothing to help change the neglected stepchild status that Liberia has endured since that fledging settlement declared independence in 1847, a declaration that America was not eager to honor. Instead, the Obama administration chose to pressure the Liberian government to impose homosexual marriage on the Liberian people as a condition for foreign aid. Repugnant was what the Liberian people thought of that audacity of condescension.

President Obama has yet to give even a hint of making a trip to historic Liberia. Again, that's the only nation on the face of the earth that was founded by black Americans! And we would assume "the first black president of the United States" would understand the implication of that history.

His interest in Kenya is just as nauseating. Maybe this whole story about Obama's dad being a Kenyan is fable after all. How can that be true, and the son of a Kenyan shows zero enthusiasm to set foot on that East African soil? Some of us Africans swipe our regretful tears with the thought that President Obama is saving the best for last, that he will eventually catch African fever and visit Kenya in grand style during or near the end of his second term in office. Second term? May it never come for him!

Thus far every significant action by the Obama administration is producing the rise of Islamists who swear to impose Sharia Law as their religion demands. First, the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over Egypt under the guise of "democracy". Then Libya will be next. Does Obama not know that he is advancing the cause of Sharia in Africa to the eventual persecution of most Africans my Islamic theocrats?

A Villain for the Cause of Poor Black Americans

We foolishly assumed that America's "first black president" would boldly tackle head-on the many economic disadvantages that black Americans face, especially during this Great Recession. What day dreamers we were! The black Robin Hood never mounted his horse. Though the unemployment rate among blacks hovers in the 20% range, President Obama remains cautious, even timid about tackling any cause that will specifically benefit blacks. His fear of being seen as a "black president" has rendered him all but useless to the economic plight of blacks. In that regard, President Bill Clinton was blacker than President Obama. Our president reminds me of the prisoner who was asked to list ten names of inmates to be released; the guy never got around to writing his own name on the list. Yes, the guy may have had a big heart, but he was a fool, and he remained a prisoner.

A Champion for Abortion and Homosexuality

Was I deceived by Senator Obama's "traditional family", assuming that would be the version of the family he would vouch for? Somehow I held my breath that he would keep in check his proclivity for the abortion and homosexual agendas. No! Like a race horse at the Kentucky Derby, President Obama blasted out of the stall, charging at us with the cause of abortion raised above his head, not minding to infringe on the consciences of people of faith who do not share his zeal to pay-back his abortionist donors.

On the homosexual front, he played the faithful house slave boy, doing all the dirty work for his supporters in the homosexual wing of American politics. His administration pushed to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", a law passed under President Clinton, a fellow Democrat at that. The Obama justice department refused to defend DOMA (the Defense Of Marriage Act), the law of the land. Then sprinting for the finish line, President Obama handed the box of Kleenex to his homosexual fans when, on May 9, he happily, proudly endorsed same-sex marriage, falling in line behind his vice president, a pathetic case of the tail wagging the dog.

Does he know that most black people do not share his flawed thinking that equates special rights for homosexuals with civil rights for blacks? The vast majority of blacks see it as an insult to parallel blackness with homosexuality. For one thing, I have met some former homosexuals. Never once have I seen or heard a former black. Even after Michael Jackson bleached his skin, he remained a black man.

So here I stand...can't wait to NOT vote for Mr. Obama come November. That should not mean I'm eager to vote for Governor Mitt Romney, whose Book Of Mormon I read while in seminary. There I found that my pigmentation is a curse from God, and that to enter Heaven my skin must be turned white. I must become "former black" to have eternal life? How can I vote for that? Belief matters. And No, "the lesser of two evils" line won't work here; my conscience does not free me to choose any kind of evil, more or less, evil in practice (Obamanism) or evil in doctrine (Mormonism).

From now on, I will only vote for candidates who do not contradict any major belief I hold. Never again will I hinge my vote on the tail of a politician, hoping he will not follow his instinct to undermine my biblical worldview. Part of that worldview is that I will give an account to the Lord for every vote that I cast. Already, I am not looking forward to giving an account for my "Obama for president" vote. ~mogama~

Mogama (Moses Garswa Matally) is a minister, Bible teacher, life skill coach, blogger, and author of Refugee Was My Name. Due to a civil war in Liberia, his native country, he fled to Sierra Leone, then to Ghana where he lived as a refugee, before migrating to the United States. Mogama holds a Bachelor of Theology and a Master of Divinity. He is the founding pastor of Church For All in Kentucky, where he lives with his wife and three children. Website;email

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I think we will have perfect government soon - MARANATHA and only then.... having said that I am sorely disappointed in BOTH parties right now. It seems that, by definition, those who run are millionaires - how can they begin to know about the average family here in America? I appreciate your article very much. I have voted for some good men (like Alan Keyes) who didn't make it to the end of the process and I am sorry he did not. Ahhh, disturbing times we live in, eh? BUT our mandate is to "occupy until HE comes....." Now if we could just figure out what "occupy" entails! 

Many other Christians totally agree with you "The vast majority of blacks see it as an insult to parallel blackness with homosexuality".... this is not civil rights. 

My concern with Romney (one of many, many) is that if he was deceived by Mormonism, what else will he swallow - he is a good businessman though but ??? 


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