Monday, June 11, 2012

Anxious and Needing Some Peace

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“Be still and know that I am God” should be in neon lights and all capital letters in my Bible. Just the first two words of that sentence are enough to put me out of commission for awhile. Wish that just reading them would do that job, but no, I have to DO IT. I have to “BE STILL”.

Almost every time I purpose to sit down in His presence I see some clothes that need to go into the washer, some dishes that need rinsing, the phone rings and I cannot allow the machine to answer it. Oh, my, it is time to take that chicken out to thaw for dinner, dinner, hum I need to go to the store and pick up some eggs. If I don’t go into my quiet place (pick a good one away from everyone, take a pen and paper to write down those “important” interruptions to your focus on Jesus. Will you listen to that? What could be more important than time spend with your creator and the maker or the universe, He who put the very stars in place. SO, when those little interruptions come write them down and deal with them LATER.) How can I be anything but scattered if I do not take time to pray, worship and be refreshed?

OK, grab your Bible a pen and paper or notebook. Get a glass of water. CLOSE THE DOOR, leaving the cats outside. Take a deep breath and think about your Lord, Him who died to set you free. Read His Word and talk to Him. Most of all, listen to Him:

Oh my Child, I long to speak to your heart. Come, be apart from the world’s rush with Me. I can teach you peace only as you accept instruction. I delight to fellowship intimately with you. I AM always here. Draw rivers of peaceful refreshment from my limitless well, it is My gift to you. Quench your thirst. Be refreshed/sparkling inside and out, as a teacher on a hot, dusty desert after being drenched/satiated with an artesian spring. Be pure in Me. Let Me flow out from you. Let My Spirit overwhelm you with pure love, Agape, lift your arms, your voice and being to the One and only who is worthy. I love you. I know your every concern and am willing to bear it for you. Therein lies the key to perfect peace in Me. You are protected by the fortress of My love, encircling you in complete and total embrace. Relax. I really am in control. Have no fear but lean on the great I AM, eternal creator, only God. I clothe you with my robe of righteousness and endeavor to make you whole. Yield. Allow Me. I Am gentleness, truth. My way is expedient and best. Respond to Me and resist Me not. Verify your growth in My Word. You are my Child. I am your Father. Rejoice in that surety. Rejoice

In Luke 18:17 we are reminded that anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.

The picture here is not of the two year old having a temper tantrum but rather that same child in awe and wonder, believing what their Daddy says, having incredible faith and trust and their every action and posture copying Daddy.

In John 15:19 we are told some of the reason we have “trouble”. We are not “of the world” once we have asked forgiveness and prayed to make Jesus the Lord of our life. He has chosen us out of the world and that’s why the world hates us.
It the world loved us we’d better take a second look at whose we are and why the world is identifying with us to much.

John 14:27 is quoting the Lord Jesus and talking about peace, peace He leaves with us and gives to us. And a promise that Jesus does not give to us as the world gives. He is admonishing us to not allow our hearts to be troubled and not to be afraid.

Acts 3:19 speaks of times of refreshing from the Lord after we repent and turn to God and He wipes out our sins.

No better thing to do if you haven’t already and there is no better time than now. He is ready, willing and able to forgive you. He already paid the complete price for your choices, the bad ones that broke His heart, in other words, He paid dearly for your (and my) sin.

Song of Solomon 2:4 reminds us that Jesus has taken us into His banquet hall and His banner over you (and me) is love.

What a beautiful picture and promise from our loving Lord Jesus.

In Zechariah 3:4 it speaks about His giving to us by taking off our filthy clothes – using that to represent sin and then He (Jesus) puts rich garments on us.

There are so many more full and rich promises but I will end with Psalm 105:3 which encourages us to give glory to His holy name and let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice. Try that on for size when you need a large dose of peace in your life!

Prayer: Dear Jesus, You alone have turned our mourning into gladness. Make us, mold us, renew us to be like You. Thank You for turning up the fire to get rid of the dross and thank you for Your incredible mercy not giving us what we really deserve. Thank You that You rejoice over us with singing and love. Thank You that you want to spend time with us! AMEN.

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