Monday, June 18, 2012

Fire update 6-18-12

We have found the best information on this site:

A firefighter friend of ours says they actually think it is over 1000 acres now and that was as of 10P last night. Today, no winds to speak of which is a miracle for up here and i do not see hardly any smoke and yesterday it was all over Pike's Peak and across mountains clear to the road going down to Canon City. Today just a light haze. They say no containment yet.

I am sitting here with the essentials packed, ready to catch kitties and go if necessary.

supposed to see doc tomorrow regarding my new meds and to start a new program that is supposed to help diabetes, blood sugar etc. but think I need to change that appt. Don't want to leave house and find out I have been evacuated (without kitties especially)

All the prayers are greatly appreciated!


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Ma and Pa said...

Oh Marijo, I was wondering how close that new fire was to you. You indeed are in our prayers, and we pray for the firefighters that they get this one handled SOON! We lift you and your friends up, and trust God for His mercy! Hugs Connie