Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We are OK.... 

There have been over 25 fires (set) in the past week – last I heard there are 3 new ones at the Teller and Park county line (I think by Lake George although we have a teller/park line less than 7 miles from us…. All the way to Fountain (set) and Elbert out east. Praying they catch the arsonist'arsonists. They might evacuate Woodland Park and 24 is closed so if we went to CS would have to be the back way around 90 miles.

We are safe right now and our fire is mostly contained but they pulled personnel off ours to go to Waldo which was over 5000 acres .

Arsonist or terrorists (chatter had it they were being trained to spot dry weather conditions and winds etc and SET fires….)

Way too much THANKS for praying

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