Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Wouldn’t Have Chosen This Timing but It Is Perfect in Retrospect

We have it all planned out. It looks just perfect from our limited perspective. Us, calling the shots and then this will happen and that…. It has taken me years to see that even though I am an action person and have little patience for those who seem to sit and cogitate and then sit some more…. There is One who resides not in “time” but in eternity. Naturally His perspective is a bit bigger and more dimensional than mine. Mine is actually kind of “flat” when I think about it. Does that make it any easier to wait on the Lord? It usually doesn’t for me, how about you?

I think back to saving for a most wonderful doll. She was a totally beautiful Madam Alexander doll with blond hair and delicate features. At age 66 I still have “Debbie”. I wonder if she would have meant so much to me had my parents bought her for me the first time I laid eyes on her or asked. No, they suggested that I could save my allowance, quarter by quarter until I had enough for Debbie. Do I still have and love the doll Dad bought for me at the grocery store in about the same time frame? No, and I can’t even remember that doll’s name.

Our heavenly Father really does know best and has the most perfect timing. He and I have had many a “chat” about timing when I was just sure somehow He had missed my deadline. Yes, that sounds way too arrogant and I needed to be listening to His still, small voice teaching me about timing:

You are my child and I love you. My timing is not your timing but be not dismayed at that revelation. I AM yours and you are mine. 

Keep on seeking Me and mine for you. You shall find and learn beauty through delay. I vacillate not nor waiver in My purpose/plan, plans I have for you, fear not but mee with Met each day, maximize on it and keep focused on Me. Sometimes it is not so much where you are but WHO you are, wherever you are.

If you maximize on Me and stay pure/holy/ready I can use you in a vast variety or circumstances. Know I love you (both) and have a plan. I still go before you and prepare the way/ways/doors. I AM THE door. 

Do all without anxiety and live that moment for itself, taking advantage of that opportunity as it is there. Then, you, at that moment have no other to be concerned (focused on, anxious or speculating about). Use it to My advantage and I'll bring forth the increase in them and you. 

I AM undertaking, fear not. I also have several plans which allow various "wills" and choices and I have My best. Sometimes it doesn't come about even if you and I are on target because of others. 
But and still "all things work together for good for those who love me and are called.....". You can't lose. Selah

In Psalm 90:4 we are reminded of God’s perspective with “for a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night…”

Now before you began to moan thinking you will be dead before a thousand years is up remember there are those times He will put your life on “fast forward” going way faster than you ever dreamed. Remember also that you usually aren’t the only one in the equation and He is getting all ready to maximize His plans.

2 Peter 3:8 is even better is saying not only that a day with the Lord is like a thousand years but also that a thousand years is like a day.

This one got my attention. I am thankful that it is included in the Bible!

Prayer: Dear Lord, we cannot begin to comprehend your mind or your times so please help us to live for today and learn more of You and Your wonder. Help us to delight in Your perfect timing, even though it might not be what we imagined it would be. Thank You that you care enough to work out “perfect timing” in Your plans for our lives. AMEN

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Ma and Pa said...

Oh Yes, God's perspective....I'm one who has said "when God handed out patience, I was too impatient to stand in line".... and I am still a "construction project". Praise God He is always Patient!

One of my favorite verses are found in Isaiah 55... read it all, but mainly 8-13. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither my ways your ways...

He sees the begining from the end... all He is asking is I trust (believe), obey, and rest in Him.
God's in Control!

Praying still regarding the fire around you. May God cover you with His love and protection! Hugs.

Ma and Pa said...

So sorry about the arsonist.... Please dear Lord stop this person!
We continue to pray with and for you. Please keep us posted! I am off today and tomorrow... 970-712-0205. Hugs!