Thursday, June 7, 2012

Poems from Another Life Time Part 4

Written before I came to our Lord Jesus Christ.
Total Darkness
The night listened somberly
For sounds to call its own
The wind whispered mournfully
Slowly dying to a moan

Black night saw the dark-winged bird
Hears its horrible screech
Wailing out its chilling song
Till it flew out of sound’s reach

For so long night tried to rule
That mighty forest wide
Darkness tried to blot out light
And evil, all good hide

What would happen if night should win?
Fawn and squirrel you’d see no more
Gone would be the fresh, green pine
Dawn would hide her head in horror

Then for miles and miles around
None of God’s children we’d see
Only black creatures of the night
All the rest would flee

When the time comes that darkness rules
Earth shall meet its doom
At the point of no return
Tormented forever in gloom.

Your criticisms of last night
So negative in nature
Made me keenly aware by contrast
Of the beautiful people
I’d been taking for granted
And I took time
To let them know I dig them
But the rest of the day
I was isolated
Withdrawn in thought
And it hurt like hell
To perceive the totally negative
Feedback from you
What happened to the beautiful person
You once thought I was?
I know I still am
But it sure wouldn’t hurt
To hear it from you
Once in awhile again

Trying to Change Me

Everybody’s trying to change me
You, ‘cuz I come on too strong
I, because I sometimes hurt you
Through insensitivity
And hurt myself
Through hypersensitivity
Sometimes the negative
Seems so strong
And the tearing down
That I have to really think
To remember
That I AM a beautiful person
Why can’t we hone off the edges
And accept me as I am
Sort of human, I hope?

“Honest Criticism”

Why can’t people speak
As much honest praise
As they do “honest criticism”?
Do you know
How much your comments
Hurt and tear at me?
Sometimes I am almost sure
That you really do know
Have I hurt you so much
You feel you must try
To destroy me with caustic comments
Under the guise
Of hints for self improvement?

On Prolonging It
There comes a time when words fail
Actions seem insincere
But thoughts keep coming on

Maybe it would be better
If the thread of hope were cut
Cleanly and quickly
For then it wouldn’t be dangling there
To be torn off later

Is there a chance
The whole could be re-knit
From just one small thread?

“All good things must come to an end
Autumn leaves must fall
But don’t you know
That it hurts me so
To say goodbye to you….”

Maybe it would be better
To make a clean break now
If it is to be
Then our paths will cross again
It is best if all wounds heal
Before we try to be even friends
It is best not to pour salt
On open wounds

Oh how logical we can be on the outside
When on the inside we are comforted by
Salty tears, bathing our open wounds
And once again, words have failed.

(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with proper credits.

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