Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Legacy

I want to be more like my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I want to get “me” out of the way so people will see Him within me:  my actions and choices. I see how I trip, stumble and fall but I also see how He is changing me a little bit here and a little bit there over the almost 38 years I have walked with Him.

My big desire is to let go of the “childish” and become more childlike.  Matthew 19:14

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”  

I am not a goal setter. Never have been one with a 5 or 10 year plan. So many focus on goals that I finally made one, to make it to heaven taking as many people with me as possible. This might sound simplistic or na├»ve, however, since I surrendered my life to the Lord and received His forgiveness and was set free…… I have never lived a more fulfilling life. Yes, there have been difficulties and problems and bumps along the road but through it all He had been my constant companion. The Apostle Paul spoke of current sufferings being nothing compared to the joy that was to come. In a way I can totally relate to that knowing that we are here for a short while and then eternity. While going through those troubled times I got to see my Lord in action, to know His presence and learn more of His incredible character, resource, faithfulness and touch.

Was I fulfilled when I was an atheist and living for the next party or the next drink. No. And I was not very happy with who I was either. Jesus set me free. Before I met Him I didn’t have a clue what the word freedom meant. Nor did I understand about being made new, clean, forgiven – all because of Him who paid the ultimate price for me.

Bottom line? I want any legacy I might have or leave behind to be JESUS, all about JESUS and nothing but JESUS.

No one loves you more. No one is more powerful. No one can change a life like Jesus.

What can be more wonderful than having a personal relationship with the creator of the universe? He will meet you right where you are TODAY. Simply ASK Him to forgive you and be your redeemer.


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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cancer update

First mammogram yesterday after radiation for my breast cancer. Affected side OK - they were looking (for 2 hours worth of extra shots with mammography and then ultrasounds) at the right side. I think they are leaning towards what they are seeing being scar tissue but they want me back in 6 months rather than a year.

I am hanging onto Jesus' hand tightly and putting one foot in front of the other. Walking in His footsteps and knowing I am His from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet - His blood paid the price for ALL of me on the cross and I am His!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wonderful Qualities of Closest Friends

Sense of Humor – with this we can get through the toughest times.

Passion for Jesus – my closest friends love God and want to bless Him rather than break His heart. They share my love for Biblical teaching, always wanting to learn and grow and pray. They lift me up in prayer “through it all”.

Being there even in disagreement – my closest friends will dialog and be there with me even if they might disagree with a stand I have taken. We can talk and look at ideas through each other’s “glasses” and sometimes one of us ever changes their mind about an issue after dialog.

Can keep a confidence – my closest friends know they can talk with me about anything and I know I can share my heart with them and not see it on Face Book the next morning. We respect a confidence and will not share it unless they give us permission to do so. This is a safe place to be in a friendship.

Enjoy giving of themselves to others – I appreciate a heart of sharing in my friends and also ones who are good at receiving and allowing the giver the blessing of giving whether it be time, provision, listening ear etc.
One who will share their kids and grandkids with me – I have never been pregnant and love to enjoy the kids and grandbabies of my friends (and my sister who is also a good friend).

Someone who enjoys the great outdoors – nothing better than a walk or hike in God’s creation with a good friend.

Someone who will laugh with you and cry with you – one who isn’t afraid of emotions which are appropriate and is willing to share those times with you.

Someone who takes joy in little things – like the newborn calves cavorting in the ranch down the road, spotting a bob cat in the tall grass, watching a herd of elk in the window early in the morning, seeing a young kitten chase a toy mouse, watching puppies run and tumble….

One who enjoys a good board game – spending time with talk, listening to each other and no TV (I haven’t owned a TV since 1983).

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Friday, August 24, 2012


Refresh Us (8-20-12)

Quiet gray
Morning clouds dipping

Coolness touching
Doe drinking bird bath
Streams dried

Refresh us
Our Jesus, raining down
Heaven’s revival

We thirst,
More of You our King
We pray
©Marijo Phelps all rights reserved – use giving proper credit only.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Praise Reports!!!

Mama deer and baby - evening drive after dinner @ house in mountain meadow!

Mick got accepted by blue cross/blue shield after being rejected by two other insurances due to his melanoma! Not only that but Cover Colorado was going to be over $700 a month with a horrible (like $10,000 a year) deductible – and he only has to pay $300 for this policy!

The insurance gal helping us is a believer and had told other office gal “this is the lady who prays!!!” and did so when they got acceptance – THIS is JESUS. I was at peace but not really when he went into business for himself because of insurance or lack there of. His old boss cancelled all ins for all so COBRA wasn’t even available after this month (and we paid $654 a month for that!)


And he began a job yesterday – got a ref to bid another one Friday and got two referrals for new builds up here by our house we are waiting to hear from – he will scramble to get license up here in Park County but hey!

He told me to keep praying – I hope he is too!!!



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It was About the People…..

I looked in the mirror and realized this was the last time I would ever put mascara on in this bathroom. Knowing that as I walked out of the door, over the field and across the levy I would never again live in the Youth With a Mission girl’s dorm but would be joined forever and always to Mick Phelps.

It was our wedding day July 14, 1985.Since it was Texas we planned to be married outside by one of the lakes at the Youth With a Mission ranch, Twin Oaks. The reception was to be held at the guy’s staff house. I cringed at the cleaning job that lay ahead of us before the time. About a week before and well into the time to clean the air conditioner broke down. A gracious friend, Katherine, who ran the restaurant at the ranch said we could have the reception there since the restaurant was closed on Sundays. NO CLEANING and she had just planted beautiful flowers all over in front – it couldn’t be better. What a wedding present!

My sister had come early and took over planning the reception so I could enjoy time with my parents and them getting to know Mick. Then when well meaning friends came to Colette saying” oh, Marijo just has to have thus and so in the reception” or “Marijo has to have flowers around the railings on the platform” Colette simply told them “No, I don’t think that’s what Jo and Mick had in mind….” My sister was little but mighty and much better at saying no than her big sister.

Texas in July was HOT, but at 8AM there was hope. Mick and I had spend the days before the wedding putting siding on the little chapel that was close by the platform where we’d be married. We wanted the chapel to look good even though we were not using it (too hot inside) we thought it might show in the photographs. It didn’t after all but sure looked good with the new siding on it.

This marriage was a super blessing for the two of us who had made many mistakes before we came to the Lord. It was a new beginning, a fresh start for both of us. Much prayer had gone into the relationship thus far. Dad was to give me away and mom was my matron of honor. My sister provided the music at our outdoor day by the lake under the blue skies of that Texas morning.

As I walked across the grass towards the lake, I saw a really good friend, Mike Libby, and his date for our big event. It was 8:00 on a sunny Texas morning in mid-July 1985. We were being married outside, where it was still relatively cool, by the lake. Later we served brunch to our guests at the YWAM restaurant which was within walking distance from that lake…….
I don’t remember much about the food but our family and closest friends were there. We were outside on the patio talking with guests. The pansies and petunias were adding color to the scene. We got to talk and enjoy everyone and took memorable photos too. The guests were able to either start for home if they came from out of state or go to a local church. Mick and I were off for our honeymoon by 10:30 that morning!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mick Phelps General Contractor

After over 16 years with the same company my hubby, Mick, has dusted off his contractor's license and is going into business for himself. We both feel this is the Lord's timing for scriptures He gave us over six years ago.

Mick took and passed the test for General Contractor, got his references and we are now waiting to get the license in the mail (they have up to six months to send it)

would appreciate prayers that it gets here soon. He can do jobs now that do not require a permit. If you have a "honey do" list or anything you would like a proposal and estimate on Mick is your more than willing helper for the project. Just give him a holler!

We are blessed to be doing this "new adventure" together! Attached are some photos of our home which he designed and built.

Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose….

I remember back in the day when we hung out at a pizza place on the Iowa State University campus called the Cave Inn. It got it’s name due to the fact that after a huge rainstorm the foundation of the basement part of the restaurant had caved in. That’s the way we got the story years later. It was 1970 and I had become an RN and was now working at the university where I had attended classes just a few years before.

My roommates had a friend named Darrell. He and I had this thing that whenever Janis Joplin sang Bobby McGee he and I would race to see who could jump up and be sitting on the large speakers, in the Cave Inn,  first and before that song ended. Hum, maybe the song was actually Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog. Same era, Viet Nam war, those not drafted talking about going to Canada. I was actually going to drive some guys up there…..

Back then I had a Corvair van and was excited that everything I owned could fit into that van after I got rid of some furniture my folks gave me. “Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose….” was my motto and theme song. I took off for the summer to camp around the US and quit my job. One of the doctors at ISU told me he envied me and wished he could do the same thing. With $600 in my bank account and my roommate with strep throat beside me we left for California where I had friends and she had her brother and a summer job. I did most of the driving and she slept waiting for the antibiotics to kick in. We lived on a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter spending out last 27 cents cash at Taco Bell upon arrival.

Just a couple of days ago Mick and I were talking about music that had affected us in younger years. He couldn’t think of anything that stood out. I mentioned Bobby McGee and got a quizzical look from my hubby.

“Just think about it… Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose….” from the standpoint of the Lord when we’ve let go of all we’re grasping and clasping it rings true. This time not from a “hippie and trippy” standpoint but from the position that when you turn loose of all the “stuff” in your life and what you have left is Jesus, then you are really, truly free. If you have nothing that you’d consider a “loss”  when it is gone, then you are free because no one can take anything from you that would crush you or strongly affect you. “

He looked at me with a grin. I love our drives in the truck, looking at Colorado scenery on our way to hiking in the middle of nowhere. And I know, once again, that both of us agree that what matteres most to us can’t be stolen or taken away and that is our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Both of us, having decided years ago, to trust in His forgiveness and turn loose of much which used to trip us up to focus on what matters for now and eternity.

You can also come to know “freedom” – His name is Jesus and He is waiting for you to call on His name.

(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with proper credits.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Favorite Things

Ed, Mick and Paula

Agreeing to disagree – my very best friend is a pretty liberal democrat. We have been really close for 42 years now. We agree on major things like God, family and standing by each other. How can this be? Over the years there are just some things we have agreed to disagree about. Paula dropped everything when Mick and I were moving from Texas to Oregon and I twisted my foot (and broke bones) in our final garage sale before the move. She cleaned our rental and helped Mick finish packing and drove one vehicle to Oregon, me, with my foot on the dashboard to keep the swelling down. I marveled and she said “Jo, you’d have done the same thing for me….”  After thinking about it for a minute I knew she was right.

Kittens – there is nothing better than interacting, laughing and playing with a kitten. They are soft, furry and purry. Feisty little things who think they are monster huge and will attack something (someone) 9 times their size to prove this. Our Jazzy at 2# proved this much to the dismay of our more sedate Hooney who weighs in at 18# and at 11 is much more dignified than this kitten stuff. He has forgotten how he used to be but I have photos.

Chocolate……Rich, smooth, melting on the tongue. A moment on the lips, forever on the hips…. Enough said.

Sunrise in the mountain meadow or sunset, clear skies, clean air and the skies all painted by the Lord to the delight of our eyes.

Writing with flight of thought, stream of consciousness painting word pictures for our readers.
Purple iris smelling like grape Kool -aid, beauty unsurpassed in their delicacy yet strong enough to survive our gale force winds.

Defrosting the chest freezer and finding some of the best soups I have ever made and dinner without cooking tonight.

Family and friends who are closer than a brother (or sister) and being blessed so much by both.
My “adopted” brother Eddie who married my roommate and best friend, they both have been with me through it all over the past 42 years.

My husband and male best friend, we are wired much the same and growing more in love and commitment to each other with the passing years.

My Lord and Savior Jesus, I would have been dead by now the way I was going without Him. He is my delight and the reason I can smile, my joy and my life.
Books, being able to read and write, the public library helping me to quench my literary thirst over and over again.

To be an encourager, if you think that you are in a bad place with terrible things happening always look for someone worse off to try to impact. This has been a life-long focus of mine and it really works for you and for that other person.

I like praying for our world in a large sense and for those people who are up close and personal. Prayer and Jesus change things on a daily basis.

I like learning, growing and studying more as the years go by. I think to stop would be to die in a way that I don’t even want to find out about.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fear God

So many times we are afraid of what someone might think of some course of action we have chosen. What do people think or say or do in relationship to choices we have made, things we have said or our actions? After becoming a Christian it was freeing to know that the One I ultimately answered to was the Lord Jesus Christ.
Therefore, you shall not oppress one another, but yoshall fear your God; for I am the LORD your God.

And the LORD commanded us to observe all these statutes, to fear the LORD our God, for our good always, that He might preserve us alive, as it is this day.

Fear God
No heads against stone walls
No wheels spinning “nowhere dust”
Child, I AM that you might be
My Son came to set you free.
You must choose to walk,
One foot in front of the other,
In that freedom.
Fear God, not man.
I love you and paid a great price
To set you free.
Walk now in that liberty


Friday, August 17, 2012

Second Chance to Be Made New

There have been several “second chance” moments in my life.

Remembering back to those days when we lived for the weekends…. Drinking, playing poker, having bar-b-ques, smoking dope, dancing, baking brownies…. It seemed like fun until we got pulled over by the cops for erratic driving or were in the bathroom lying prone of the floor waiting to throw up yet again. I think the only reason I missed going to jail was because they had no matron on duty that night. I wasn’t driving the car but had passed out in the back seat and Jim was driving only he passed out in the front seat – in the fog on a major California highway. We could have been hit by a semi and killed but fortunately the highway patrol were the ones who saw us and had each of us “walk the line”. I think we both flunked. Jim got a night in the hoosegow and I drove the car home with two policemen following me, in the fog, as I proceeded to run a stop sign but managed to make it home and the officers helped me to my front door.

On that foggy night the party we’d been to didn’t seem so much fun but that didn’t stop me the next time. It was actually a number of years…. The second chance part comes later.

The next second chance I had involved relationships and doing it right. I certainly didn’t do it right BEFORE. My ex husband and I lived together two years before we finally got married. I was gun shy having been married once before. I messed up that first marriage royally. The divorce was my choice and my fault. The only reason I ended up getting married the second time was because I had asked for and been granted a month vacation in August – during “prime vacation time” only because we were getting married. I had wanted to change my mind about tying the knot but our parents would have been devastated and I wouldn’t have been able to go on that vacation, all great reasons to get married, right?

The second chance came for both of those lifestyles when my little atheistic self began to realize that there was something more. That there was someone who was smarter than I, that there was a being who loved like I had never been loved before. His name is Jesus. I hit bottom one day while walking in a park before going in for PM shift at the hospital. I didn’t cry often but when I did there was usually a relief and release. That day it seemed like my tears were made of mud and the more I cried the messier I got.

I went home to get ready for work and in the bathtub began talking to the God I didn’t think existed… I got to the point where I asked forgiveness and confessed what a mess I was making of my life asking Jesus to take over. I didn’t realize it but I had been in that tub for 1 ½ hours and the water had turned stone cold. I wasn’t emotional when praying but afterwards a huge weight seemed to lift off my shoulders, I felt a solid peace that I had never experienced before and something had definitely changed.

It was after this being “made new” many things fell into place and I got a number of second chances. I was able to go to people I had wronged and ask forgiveness. This led to greater freedom and more release.
Numbers of years later, I met a wonderful guy. We had both been married before and this time wanted to do it right. We wanted to wait until we married to give each other that ultimate gift of intimacy. With God’s grace and help we were able. 

This is a piece I wrote back at that time:
Lord, there is an incredible gift wrapped and set aside for our upcoming wedding from you to us and then us to each other. I beseech you to let your strength be evident in our weakness! Let not even a corner of the paper be torn or wrinkled. Help us, I pray to cherish, trust, WAIT and not gobble. Oh, Jesus, help our focus to always be looking up to you. Father hear my cry. AMEN

Was it easy? Nope. Was it possible to “not awaken our love before its time”? Definitely.
I was given a second chance at life and also at being able to wait having our honeymoon AFTER the marriage.

All this worked and we were blessed because of our most incredible Lord Jesus and the price He paid to set us free!

Some people never receive a second chance so if you don't know the Lord Jesus please, please take time to make that eternity changing choice today! We do not know how much time we have, do we? He loves you so very much!!!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jesus, Ministering to the Ministry Team Some Correction and Much Love

This was written many, many years ago but has, I feel, broad applications. I was part of a ministry leadership team which was having serious issues. The truths expressed here could apply to any ministry team which is struggling so I am choosing to share it with you. There are many, many scriptures to back up the “word” from the Lord but I think I will let it stand as it is.

Input for Ministry Leadership Team Walking Through Troubled Times Part 1
My Prayer: Lord Jesus, pour out your healing balm upon us. Help us to see Jesus as we look at each other, not SELFISH SELF. Lord, let me NOT become an “enemy victory” sulking to the corner, licking my wounds. Help me to know and recognize the difference between SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS, which I now will to reject, from taking a stand  and possible flack in Your name for Your truth. I don’t want to be an ostrich nor do I want to be a pig.

Allow me to feel my various sisters’ hurts and wounds so I might have empathy. Help us to reach out (to each other) even without words in healing love. Bind us together with Agape.

Lord, please hear my heart’s cry. Help us quickly to get our eyes off circumstances/water (Peter’s water stirred up by the wind and the waves as he walked towards You) and to get my eyes on You, our source.

Thank you Lord, I believe you will!!!  AMEN
Matthew 14:28-30 (New King James Version)
28 And Peter answered Him and said, “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.” 29 So He said, “Come.” And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus.30 But when he saw that the wind was boisterous he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cried out, saying, “Lord, save me!”
What the Lord placed on our hearts after prayer:
I am trying to teach you that I am Lord. When self is lifted up all works of the flesh follow abundantly. When I am lifted up, the Holy Spirit flows and He imparts life, healing and unity abundantly. Lean not to your own understanding. Give me your tenacious wills, offer them as a sacrifice. I will to purge and prune you, each one, to make you most fruitful.
Spring is here already and the harvest comes soon. Be ready in Me, not stumbling amongst yourselves over your half dead flesh. Yield to me so I may bring forth life. I desire to use you all to minister life. Allow Me. My Spirit cannot flow through channels plugged up with self will, self righteousness, selfish self and decaying flesh. I came to give life and that more abundantly.
Before My life in you can be apparent, you must turn loose and let Me get some of the obstructions out of the way. My Children, I LOVE you and my greatest desire is for that love to flow through you to engulf each other. Be healed. Be whole. Be a ready bride, a body coordinated who is life unto those who don’t yet know Me. Look up to Me.

The second thing we felt the Lord laid on our hearts:

My children, enter into My presence and My peace. There is a battle to be fought, you must be in readiness and one in My Spirit. Playtime is over – harvest is so near. Do you hear My call? Have open ears. Be of one accord. Set your eyes and hearts upon My race- the only one worth running. I, the Lord, have the only master plan. Allow me to use you for My purpose. Put away your trifle and put on the armor of your salvation or allow those to come forward who will.

Playtime is not for the front lines – be ready and yielded in Me. Many depend on/look to you – do you reflect my Son?  I desire to have life flow from you to those who seek Jesus. Allow Me to do a work in you, one to purify motives and desires of your hearts. I love you and care deeply. Accept My challenge and healing Spirit which is present to meet all your needs. Be serious. Know that you are chastised, when necessary, because I care deeply. Go forth from here in My peace, unity and joy. Confess your faults one to another, pray for one another that I might affect a healing wholeness within you all. Then turn your eyes upon Jesus who is your redeemer, strength and purpose. So He can use you all as His wholly recreated children. AMEN

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. (NKJV)

I hope this will encourage you and your team as it did with us. Our team turned a corner and had a whole new beginning through obedience to our Lord Jesus during this time.

 (C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with proper credits.

Monday, August 13, 2012

God is Up To Something Incredible!!!

Two weeks ago when I got back from Iowa and lower blood pressures due to lower elevations (my doc and pharmacist warned me that would happen and I got to cut way back on meds) my old BP went way up the night I got back. I was taking four blood pressure meds about 6 weeks ago.

I have been asking for prayer at church and that Sunday raised my hand during that time in the service. The doc's office had called 3 days earlier and told me I had a non-malignant tumor on my adrenal glands. They got me scheduled for a CT scan the next day and the endocrinologist that following Monday.

Monday my BP began coming down. I went to the endocrinologist who wanted to repeat tests and told me there was no tumor on the CT scan!!! He and my FP doc were also not in agreement about much of anything. Behind the scenes I think Dr. Jesus (the HEAD of my medical team and actually the HEAD of my life!!) was apparently up to something.

By Tuesday morning my BP was so low that I didn't take my diuretic. I monitored it throughout the day and it stayed low. I have battled high BP for 10 years since having Grave's Disease and when the next dose of med is about due the BP always goes up. Not so Tuesday. For 5 days I was able to skip the diuretic. Then that night the BP was so low I cut one of the other pills in half taking only the half dose. The next day I was low again and that night didn't take the bedtime one until 2 AM because I was that low and I stopped the other med entirely.

So far this AM I am doing really well with just ONE BP med!

I feel great, am not bleeding (which would definitely cause the BP to go down) or doing anything else different. In fact, we have been eating out a lot as we have guests and have been touring Colorado daily.

I am praising and praising my Lord and King Jesus Christ!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our Bank Account Filled With Years

We seem to have a bank account
Filled up with our years
Each given just so many
Tallying joy and our tears

How do we use them
The choice is up to you
Filled with words you say
And actions that you do

With that in remembrance
Focusing in on today
Would you do things differently
As you walk along your way?

And then the Lord Jesus Christ whispered to my heart:
Child, your appetite should be after spiritual things. 
Fix your eyes on Jesus, allow his strength to be yours. Time is short. 
Come into subjection to the Son so you might shine forth with His joy most abundantly. 

Seek not to do and be busy but seek your Lord who eagerly awaits communion with you "Come back/away my beloved." And I shall lift you above the darts and desert of dryness of your soul. Be refreshed in Jesus who lives in you. Selah.

Deuteronomy 4:29 encourages us that if from there (right where we are now) you seek the Lord your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul.
Remember back when you were five and focused in on that new bike? You thought about it when you got up in the early morning, dreamed about it at night and tried to save every penny you could. “Mom, do you have and extra chores you’d like me to do? I don’t charge very much at all to weed the garden….”

That shiny, red Schwinn became, well, almost an obsession, didn’t it? Morning, noon and night and you twinkled, and glowed and plotted and schemed on how you could bring it to be….. in your garage with you running out to ride it everywhere!

We still have capability for that childlike joy and fixation. Why not focus on Him who loves us most? Why not let Him be the object of our thoughts, passion, obsession, focus and time? Out of the abundance of our heart flows the mouth. Why couldn’t that flow be about the Lord Jesus Christ and sharing with others what He had done in our lives. Give friends and family the “before and after” picture. Oh, my what a difference forgiveness and the Savior makes!

Psalm 14:2 tells us that the Lord looks down from heaven on the sons of men (daughters, he is watching us too) to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.

Seeking God, what better person can we desire and look towards? He who created us, gave us our purpose, knew us BEFORE our mother’s womb, has plans for us still, desires relationship with us. Imagine that, the One who put the very stars in place wants a personal and intimate relationship with you! How can you ignore that thought for even another minute?

Psalm 63:1 David the psalmist is crying out with what can be our cry too “O God, you are my God, earnestly will I seek you, my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you in a dry and weary land where there is no water.

Here in Colorado about 11 of the past 12 years have been drought. Oh, how we can relate to that dry and thirsty land part and we can also seek Him with everything that is in us!
Prayer: Dear Lord, it is no wonder that David was a man after Your own heart. Please help us to have that seeking focus and not get distracted by externals. AMEN

(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with with proper credits.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Keep Your Eyes Focused on the Lord

Lots of our favorite expressions in life have to do with our eyes. Keep an eye on him wouldn’t make much sense to someone who didn’t speak English as their first language but it makes lots of sense to us. (Imagine grabbing an eye and placing it upon someone but all of us know what that idiom means). To have eyes for a special someone indicated something else to all of us. “Making eyes” is something probably more familiar to my parents generation but I still relate to the meaning of that one too. I think one of the most meaningful things a person can do with their eyes is to focus on someone important or a goal that is worth having and to run towards that goal.

It only makes sense then, to a Christian, to keep their eyes focused on their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Then we will not be impacted so much by things or people or even “goals” which are of lesser importance. He is coming back, SOON, in case you haven’t read the news paper or watched current events lately. He is also whispering to His Bride, His Body:

My Child, have eyes for none but Me. Be not swayed by persons or arguments but by My Word only. My Spirit is speaking to you to make clear My perfect will, as a great velvet cloth is carefully unfolded, so shall My will for you be made graphically clear. Fear not. I am with you/within you, your only strength. Look not yet to the ‘morrow but rejoice/joy in the day I’ve given you today!

Below are some important scriptures about a believer’s focus, their eyes and their soon and coming King. We are privileged to live in a most incredible time in the history of the world! Jesus Word can help us to be ready and used of Him even today.

the great trials which your eyes saw, the signs and the wonders, the mighty hand and the outstretched arm, by which the LORD your God brought you out. So shall the LORD your God do to all the peoples of whom you are afraid. (NKJV)

casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ….(NKJV)

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. (NKJV)

Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known. (NKJV)

God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble. (NKJV)

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.(NKJV)

Prayer: Lord God, I commit my will into Your most capable hands. Lead and guide me in the path You have ordained for me. I trust You. Keep Your hand upon my head. Keep my heart in the center of Your will for me, I ask, in Jesus most incredible name. Help us to be ready for “that day” and we know we aren’t ignorant of the signs but will not know the date – You do and that is more than enough to give us comfort. AMEN

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Holding Back on the Prophetic Because of Fear

Have you ever felt the Lord nudging you to speak forth something in a group yet felt your heart going like a trip hammer and had a bazillion questions running through your head? What if this isn’t God but just me? What if this is Satan trying to get me to speak? What if this is just my own idea? What if…….
Yet I know God’s voice when He speaks something to my heart during my quiet times:

Child, you are my daughter. Be not hesitant to speak forth my Words to you, decently and in order. They are to uplift my Body. 

You have a willing heart. Arise, overcome hesitancy and fear. 

I wish to speak to my people. Be bold in me and not afraid to occasionally fail I will cover you, you will learn and grow.
Why are we so afraid? What do we have to lose? One time I was deliberating on something I felt that probably God wanted me to speak. I told Him I would if there was an orderly pause in the service. Right in the middle of singing a worship chorus the whole sound system went down. I spoke His word that He’d laid on my heart. Another time I was wondering and arguing with myself and the assistant pastor prayer a prayer with the 3 main points of the word I was afraid to speak forth. I then felt the Holy spirit whispering to me “next time if you will not be bold there is no back up (the assistant pastor) and my people will not be encouraged if you will not speak up.
I needed to get over my hesitancy and fear of man. I needed to be willing to occasionally give a “word” that might be my flesh in order to be able to speak up when the word was truly from our God. My fear had about wiped me out and I needed to trust Him and get over myself.
The good news is that I did, as He took me by the hand and walked me through this learning process.

And God has appointed these in the church: first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, administrations, varieties of tongues. (NKJV)

Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others judge. (NKJV)

And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. (NKJV)
Ephesians 4:11-12 
11 And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, 12 for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ….. (NKJV)
Prayer: Lord God, help us to always be obedient and moving in your Holy Spirit, totally dead to the fear of man. You and you alone know the intent of our heart. We desire most of all to be pleasing to you. If we trip on occasion or stumble we know that our loving Heavenly Father is there to pick us up and keep us from ultimately falling down. Help us to go forward with that assurance. AMEN

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Monday, August 6, 2012

After endocrinologist today

Had weird time with endocrinologist today – basically all he said sort of contradicted my MD – the lab apparently did the 24 hour urine wrong. He didn’t seem to know why I had to have the Ct scan as he said you can’t diagnose a tumor from a urine test and he said I do not have the rest of the symptoms that go with the deadly tumor BUT he wants to re-do the 24 hour urine and have me get some fancy blood work where they have to use a catheter threaded into the vein through a large needle – wait 15-20 minutes and then draw the blood. I already had 5 sticks with an ice pick sized needle for the CT scan and, frankly am tired of this. Also the CT scan showed NO TUMOR (I told the doc a lot of prayer had gone up) He said the tumor could be elsewhere and I didn’t have the presence of mind to ask him where.

Right now I plan to do the urine and IF it shows something then have the blood work – if not then to forget it. Too much poking and prodding. This is all getting too weird. What the endocrinologist says sort of contradicts some things online too. Mick was with me and he heard what I heard. Strange day. Now I am not sure about my MD or the lab he uses. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Have You Ever Had a Prayer Partner?

Moose we saw recently - not a recommended prayer partner though

 A prayer partner can be a spouse, friend, brother or sister in the Lord – if you have never had one, pray about one – it is one of the best things in LIFE! I worked for over nine years at Every Home for Christ where they encouraged us to spend at least a half hour a day in prayer. They hoped we might partner up with someone else on staff and commit to pray together. What a blessing, to be able to share concerns, pray for the ministry and each other and keep lists of how God moved and answered our prayers. Some were so tiny but important to my prayer partner and me, some were about world events, some were things which affected the ministry worldwide. ALL were important to our God. The scripture speaks about where two or three are gathered together Jesus is there with them.

For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” (NKJV)

We definitely experienced that promise as Carol and I prayed together. It has been almost six years since we worked together and we still meet and share prayer requests. The Lord never got tired of being with us and answering those prayers either. It is a joy to reflect on His faithfulness and all we learned as we prayed together.

I felt the Holy Spirit laid the following on my heart regarding praying with a prayer partner:
Seek Me first and early, then draw together (at least) daily. Enter with thanksgiving and praise – you do not see in the unseen realm except that which I reveal. Know much moves on “little” prayers and praises, much is halted because of lack thereof. There is no bondage, but freedom and release in Me, the great I Am.

There are times and seasons of heated battle and times of relative rest. Remember to pray always without ceasing. I Am there in the midst of you, need you any other reason or cause? There are times when you are together solely to delight in My presence. Your obedience and steadfastness pleases Me and I enjoy communion with you, that’s reason enough. My daughters, I Am pleased. I will give you boundaries/guidelines, fear not, haven’t I always been faithful? Yours is to stay yielded.
Your openness and receptiveness I love. I will direct your enthusiasm to flow most constructively. It will not destroy nor should you destroy it. I will channel it. Remain open and teachable. You have no idea what I desire to do and am doing. You are each and both priceless. I want to steep you in prayer fellowship so it will become a vital, non-dying part of your lives to be continued with your mates, never to be abandoned – therein lies the strength in relationship – communion/communication in and through Me.

You are and do delight my countenance – know and receive my peace. Ask. I will explain. Go forward, I will check and guard. You ARE mine. No condemnation. You are seeing the way and balance. I love you, daughters. Selah

Dearest Jesus, please bless all my former and present prayer partners.  Keep teaching and leading and “growing” us up in You.  May we be able to teach others the incredible multiplication of two praying together.

Deuteronomy 32:29-31 (New International Version)

 If only they were wise and would understand this and discern what their end will be! How could one man chase a thousand, or two put ten thousand to flight, unless their Rock had sold them, unless the LORD had given them up? For their rock is not like our Rock,  as even our enemies concede

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