Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose….

I remember back in the day when we hung out at a pizza place on the Iowa State University campus called the Cave Inn. It got it’s name due to the fact that after a huge rainstorm the foundation of the basement part of the restaurant had caved in. That’s the way we got the story years later. It was 1970 and I had become an RN and was now working at the university where I had attended classes just a few years before.

My roommates had a friend named Darrell. He and I had this thing that whenever Janis Joplin sang Bobby McGee he and I would race to see who could jump up and be sitting on the large speakers, in the Cave Inn,  first and before that song ended. Hum, maybe the song was actually Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog. Same era, Viet Nam war, those not drafted talking about going to Canada. I was actually going to drive some guys up there…..

Back then I had a Corvair van and was excited that everything I owned could fit into that van after I got rid of some furniture my folks gave me. “Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose….” was my motto and theme song. I took off for the summer to camp around the US and quit my job. One of the doctors at ISU told me he envied me and wished he could do the same thing. With $600 in my bank account and my roommate with strep throat beside me we left for California where I had friends and she had her brother and a summer job. I did most of the driving and she slept waiting for the antibiotics to kick in. We lived on a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter spending out last 27 cents cash at Taco Bell upon arrival.

Just a couple of days ago Mick and I were talking about music that had affected us in younger years. He couldn’t think of anything that stood out. I mentioned Bobby McGee and got a quizzical look from my hubby.

“Just think about it… Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose….” from the standpoint of the Lord when we’ve let go of all we’re grasping and clasping it rings true. This time not from a “hippie and trippy” standpoint but from the position that when you turn loose of all the “stuff” in your life and what you have left is Jesus, then you are really, truly free. If you have nothing that you’d consider a “loss”  when it is gone, then you are free because no one can take anything from you that would crush you or strongly affect you. “

He looked at me with a grin. I love our drives in the truck, looking at Colorado scenery on our way to hiking in the middle of nowhere. And I know, once again, that both of us agree that what matteres most to us can’t be stolen or taken away and that is our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Both of us, having decided years ago, to trust in His forgiveness and turn loose of much which used to trip us up to focus on what matters for now and eternity.

You can also come to know “freedom” – His name is Jesus and He is waiting for you to call on His name.

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