Monday, August 13, 2012

God is Up To Something Incredible!!!

Two weeks ago when I got back from Iowa and lower blood pressures due to lower elevations (my doc and pharmacist warned me that would happen and I got to cut way back on meds) my old BP went way up the night I got back. I was taking four blood pressure meds about 6 weeks ago.

I have been asking for prayer at church and that Sunday raised my hand during that time in the service. The doc's office had called 3 days earlier and told me I had a non-malignant tumor on my adrenal glands. They got me scheduled for a CT scan the next day and the endocrinologist that following Monday.

Monday my BP began coming down. I went to the endocrinologist who wanted to repeat tests and told me there was no tumor on the CT scan!!! He and my FP doc were also not in agreement about much of anything. Behind the scenes I think Dr. Jesus (the HEAD of my medical team and actually the HEAD of my life!!) was apparently up to something.

By Tuesday morning my BP was so low that I didn't take my diuretic. I monitored it throughout the day and it stayed low. I have battled high BP for 10 years since having Grave's Disease and when the next dose of med is about due the BP always goes up. Not so Tuesday. For 5 days I was able to skip the diuretic. Then that night the BP was so low I cut one of the other pills in half taking only the half dose. The next day I was low again and that night didn't take the bedtime one until 2 AM because I was that low and I stopped the other med entirely.

So far this AM I am doing really well with just ONE BP med!

I feel great, am not bleeding (which would definitely cause the BP to go down) or doing anything else different. In fact, we have been eating out a lot as we have guests and have been touring Colorado daily.

I am praising and praising my Lord and King Jesus Christ!


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