Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jesus, Ministering to the Ministry Team Some Correction and Much Love

This was written many, many years ago but has, I feel, broad applications. I was part of a ministry leadership team which was having serious issues. The truths expressed here could apply to any ministry team which is struggling so I am choosing to share it with you. There are many, many scriptures to back up the “word” from the Lord but I think I will let it stand as it is.

Input for Ministry Leadership Team Walking Through Troubled Times Part 1
My Prayer: Lord Jesus, pour out your healing balm upon us. Help us to see Jesus as we look at each other, not SELFISH SELF. Lord, let me NOT become an “enemy victory” sulking to the corner, licking my wounds. Help me to know and recognize the difference between SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS, which I now will to reject, from taking a stand  and possible flack in Your name for Your truth. I don’t want to be an ostrich nor do I want to be a pig.

Allow me to feel my various sisters’ hurts and wounds so I might have empathy. Help us to reach out (to each other) even without words in healing love. Bind us together with Agape.

Lord, please hear my heart’s cry. Help us quickly to get our eyes off circumstances/water (Peter’s water stirred up by the wind and the waves as he walked towards You) and to get my eyes on You, our source.

Thank you Lord, I believe you will!!!  AMEN
Matthew 14:28-30 (New King James Version)
28 And Peter answered Him and said, “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.” 29 So He said, “Come.” And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus.30 But when he saw that the wind was boisterous he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cried out, saying, “Lord, save me!”
What the Lord placed on our hearts after prayer:
I am trying to teach you that I am Lord. When self is lifted up all works of the flesh follow abundantly. When I am lifted up, the Holy Spirit flows and He imparts life, healing and unity abundantly. Lean not to your own understanding. Give me your tenacious wills, offer them as a sacrifice. I will to purge and prune you, each one, to make you most fruitful.
Spring is here already and the harvest comes soon. Be ready in Me, not stumbling amongst yourselves over your half dead flesh. Yield to me so I may bring forth life. I desire to use you all to minister life. Allow Me. My Spirit cannot flow through channels plugged up with self will, self righteousness, selfish self and decaying flesh. I came to give life and that more abundantly.
Before My life in you can be apparent, you must turn loose and let Me get some of the obstructions out of the way. My Children, I LOVE you and my greatest desire is for that love to flow through you to engulf each other. Be healed. Be whole. Be a ready bride, a body coordinated who is life unto those who don’t yet know Me. Look up to Me.

The second thing we felt the Lord laid on our hearts:

My children, enter into My presence and My peace. There is a battle to be fought, you must be in readiness and one in My Spirit. Playtime is over – harvest is so near. Do you hear My call? Have open ears. Be of one accord. Set your eyes and hearts upon My race- the only one worth running. I, the Lord, have the only master plan. Allow me to use you for My purpose. Put away your trifle and put on the armor of your salvation or allow those to come forward who will.

Playtime is not for the front lines – be ready and yielded in Me. Many depend on/look to you – do you reflect my Son?  I desire to have life flow from you to those who seek Jesus. Allow Me to do a work in you, one to purify motives and desires of your hearts. I love you and care deeply. Accept My challenge and healing Spirit which is present to meet all your needs. Be serious. Know that you are chastised, when necessary, because I care deeply. Go forth from here in My peace, unity and joy. Confess your faults one to another, pray for one another that I might affect a healing wholeness within you all. Then turn your eyes upon Jesus who is your redeemer, strength and purpose. So He can use you all as His wholly recreated children. AMEN

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. (NKJV)

I hope this will encourage you and your team as it did with us. Our team turned a corner and had a whole new beginning through obedience to our Lord Jesus during this time.

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