Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ministry Leadership Team, A Team Divided?

We were in leadership in a local woman’s ministry. Our leadership team was in a mild disagreement about where to hold the meetings. We had several choices on buildings to rent that fit our budget and none were particularly great. We had settled for a place that belonged to a lodge type organization. I was put off by their symbolism which included a ram’s hear with a snake intertwined in the ram’s horns. Several of the other board members of our group said we could just put a pillow case over it all and be done with it.

One of the other board members also felt the way I did, like “fingernails on the blackboard of our spirit”. We were outvoted and began meeting there. First our offerings dropped and to make the rent on the place we (board members) were putting in more of our own money. Then there was a gal who was very needy. During prayer time she would come and try to engage as many of the board as possible with her drama. Pretty soon others who wanted prayer were left standing with their needs and time would run out due to the way this girl was able to control the whole situation. We realized later than she actually needed some serious deliverance.

Somewhere in there the area board began to wonder what was happening and came for a visit. They took one look at the meeting place, before the pillow case was applied to the ram’s head, and asked us what in the world we were doing meeting in this place. The Lord had been faithful and was dealing with us in His own way around this time-frame:

My daughter, the dawn is coming. You and your sisters are in order for my program. I am the pilot. You shall all be specially used. I will guide and direct explicitly. Listen and rejoice. 

Fear not, for it is I who gives life, strength and power. I can use you as you are, children without guile, obedient, curious and expectant. 

My ways are not always the old expected and familiar. Flow with the innovation of my Holy Spirit. My desire is to reach many with Jesus' love and salvation. 

Be not bound up/fearful of the past nor questioning regarding the future. I'll flow through you as you bind together in prayer. 

Bear one another's burdens, be healed and yielded so I may use you all as broken bread and poured out wine to feed my sheep the wholeness they desperately need in Jesus. 

Keep your eyes on me. This is mine to do. Stay under my wings where you are protected/provided for and in your submission I shall mightily use you. As you lift up my Son in worship, praise and prayer, I, the Lord, shall draw all men/women unto me.

Matthew 18:3 encourages us to become as little children, that means childlike and not childish, to enter the kingdom of heaven. We all had so much to learn and He was faithful to teach us.

Galatians 6:2 speaks of carrying each other’s burdens and fulfilling the law of Christ. We were being put in a position to learn that one too but God is so faithful.

Psalms 17:8 talks of us being in the apple of His eye and under the shadow of His wings. There is refuge and shelter if we but come to Him.

Our whole board learned some very valuable lessons. Only eternity will show us the extent of the loss also incurred during that time. As soon as we got another meeting place the finances turned around and that gal who seemed so good at monopolizing attention quit coming and we could minister to all once again.

Prayer: Ah, Lord Jesus, over and over You call us to rest and be like children, childlike not childish, and to come under the shelter of Your wings.  You repeat in Your Word like underlining with an electric pink highlighter. Must be that You know how long it will take us to “get” these lessons. Thank you over and over for Your patience and persistence please help Your Bride to “get it”. AMEN

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