Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Me at age 4 in my red snowsuit!


I see another wrinkle
Around my eye
One more smile line?
The clocks ticking faster as the calendar counts
More gray hairs I find

Jogging's a drag
But my clothes don't fit
Even when I lose pound by pound
My crazy body's rearranged
What used to be up slipped down

New aches here and there
Which I never had
I could go on and on
But somehow I know there's more

Lord, You're not bound
By place, dimension
Or time
It surely isn't my earthly body
You're working to make Thine

'Cuz You've promised
In Your Word
Written in many a place
You'll give us glorified bodies
When we meet you face to face

You allow
The falling apart
that's taking a toll on me
To polish up my rough cut soul
And draw me closer to Thee

A complete creation, I wasn't at birth
Nor even at 63
Perhaps not until
Death comes around
To set your servant free

Thanks for helping me
Refocus in You
By knocking at my vanity
By destroying some of my self concern
You helped me look at Thee

"Thy hands fashioned and made me,
Now thou dost ....destroy me."
Thy servant Job wrote down.
All those many years ago,
I believe the key he found.

Sand me, buff me,
Destroy me
To create
A faithful, loving servant
You'll greet at heaven's gate!

(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use giving proper credits.

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