Friday, June 7, 2013

GOD is Your Father!

Do you find yourself needing to get a picture of just how BIG your Daddy is? Sometimes I find that I do. And He will gently nudge and remind me little bits and pieces of just who it is that I can rely upon. Bit by bit as He speaks to my heart and as I see more of a picture of Him portrayed in His Word I really do begin to understand. Once in awhile, I get a much needed “booster shot”. I am sure that we can all relate to this at one time or another.

My Daughter, who is your Father? Is His arm too short that it can’t reach? My love for you is boundless, limitless. All things work together for good. Know that with security. Be not dismayed or discouraged.

Isaiah 59:1 reminds us with rhetorical statements that the Lord’s arm is not too short so that it cannot save nor his ear heavy so that it cannot hear.

You might have noticed by now that I love Isaiah – the writing style and topics covered and the promises contained within that book are incredible for this believer.

In Romans 8:28 we are encouraged by the verse which tells us that all things work together for good for those who love God and are the called according to his purpose. Notice that it does not say that all things are good, but rather that all things which come in life work together for ultimate good if you love God and are part of the called according to God’s purpose. The focus is on our heavenly Father, loving Him and being obedient to His purposes for our lives. How can we then go wrong?

Romans 8:16-17 speaks of the Holy Spirit “bearing witness”, reassuring us that we are God’s children and heirs – heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if we suffer with Him that we may be glorified together. Maybe this is the original “no pain, no gain” but we do need to be willing to suffer with Christ. There is a definite cost to pay in coming to the Lord Jesus Christ but it is such a small cost compared to the “gain”. 

Who is your Father? God, the one and only who created the universe and hung the stars in place can be your Father, if you just ask Him. Forgiveness is the most liberating thing in life, Christ died and paid the price to set each of us captives free, to give us a heavenly Father who “adopts” us as His sons and daughters. There is no time like today to ask, He will definitely meet you where you are.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, please help me to TRUST during those times things look blurry to my natural eyes. Help me remember whose hand it is that I clasp tightly and to REST in You. Lord, help any who haven’t asked your forgiveness to do so even now. Lord Jesus, you paid with your very life so that each and every one of us could be forgiven and free. Impress this afresh upon our hearts today and help those who haven’t asked to speak with you about their forgiveness. AMEN

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