Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sizzling Summer

Hosea 10:12 Sow for yourselves righteousness; Reap in mercy; Break up your fallow ground, For it is time to seek the LORD, Till He comes and rains righteousness on you.
“Come on, let’s try it!” my sister is visiting for the summer from Minnesota and has never experienced Stockton at its hottest.

“You need to try to fry an egg on the blacktop? I just got some blisters running across it barefoot…”
The elder sister’s wisdom coming through in my voice, but the egg actually cooked. No wonder my feet had.

We share an upstairs apartment and the window air conditioning unit has gone out. The landlord isn’t returning our calls. I am not sure why it doesn’t occur to us to withhold our rent check to see if that would prompt any action. But we are young.

So, there we are trying to sleep on a double hide-a-way couch. Sticky hardly began to describe how we feel.

I am working to establish residence to get back to college. Nursing is my chosen major of the moment. Colette is babysitting for three kids of a friend of mine from work.  They spend their days in the swimming pool at the college across the street.

The blue skies, with never a puffy white cloud and no hint of rain, were our umbrella. It was a time of innocence and adventure. We play penny ante poker with others in the apartment complex, have times of bar-b-que grilling together and rafting on the rivers. 

Still the landlord doesn’t fix the air conditioner.  The nights are long and hot and, well, somewhat sleepless. 

It is so hot during the day that when you blew your breath out of your mouth it felt cool on your lips, 114 degrees in the shade at 4PM for 5 days in a row.  We think about melting and I am so glad I work in air conditioning. In our part of California it doesn’t rain from April through October, nary a cloud in the sky.  Must be why it is known to be the fruit producer for our nation, that and irrigation change our desert into a most productive area.

Without the irrigation, it would  be a wasteland. Neither of us know the Lord then. Our lives are sort of a wasteland. We work, pay our rent, play poker, eat great food and live for the weekend parties and time off.

Colette is going back to college in the fall as a sophomore music major.  I am still changing majors so it is a good thing I take a year off to work and find out what this part of life was all about.

We are blind.  No one that I remember even mentions Jesus to us, well, unless you count what came out of their mouths when they lost at poker.

After the insufferably hot summer is over I discovered, quite by accident, that the window air conditioner hadsa fan button.  We could have brought in the cool air of the evening all night long had we but pushed that little button.

Not unlike how we could have both called out to Jesus to take over our lives and save us.  Save us from ourselves. Save us from making more bad choices that scarred us and our friends, save us from sinning and ruining that innocence we’d been given by our creator.

I am so thankful that both of us, years later, finally called upon His most incredible name and were set free.

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