Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sammy (Sam-Sam) Stormy Too

We are very blessed to be able to adopt Stormy, yes, that is his name from precious owners who couldn't take him where they moved... and our Stormy died 2 years ago - this one is mellow just like his "big brother" We were going to take him to a kitty placement group today and Mick asked this AM if I would like to keep him (I had asked and then tried to shut up and pray for over a week now since we first visited him) I am THRILLED with my 28th anniversary gift! (since he didn't seem to recognize the name Stormy we are calling him Sammy (Sam-Sam) and he seems to be learning that name now... I don';t think he ever played with a "swizzel stick" or came to kissing sounds like our other cats - he isn't deaf (we tested him) Still a very affectionate boy even though today all the others are still hissing away - how rude (this PS is Saturday - the day our water heater QUIT.....)

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tainterturtles said...

Oh, what a beautiful cat. I never did get the photos in your emails last night. You will have to try and resend to me. I am so happy for you Cuz....and a big thank you to Mick!