Monday, June 24, 2013

Why Do We Always Want to Be in the Driver’s Seat?

We were trying to buy the tiny lot to build our first home. The cost breakdown came in too high. My dad decided on a business proposition as he wanted to invest in land but not where he was living. He rarely ever helped in his children's finances but he offered here. We bought the lot and then more things came in "over budget". I was at the point where I thought it was never going to happen and the Lord laid this on my heart.

Cannot I control? I who bedecked the starry heavens in ornamental splendor? Cannot I work out the small details for one of my beloved child's heart's desires? 

You may choose to REST in who I am or limp, encumbered for a time under the weight of cares you needn't assume in the first place. Is your loved one going to fail you? Did he? Neither will your Father in heaven. 

Breathe in my peace. Fret not. I am working miracles of self revelation in your husband to encourage him, draw him and help him be sure. You allow him and I AM to take the responsibilities for your covering. 

I have gone before you and the way is being prepared. 

I love you with an unquenchable love and am acting out that love in your life, home and marriage for My glory. 

Breathe in my peace, receive. 

Daughter I am your beloved, your redeemer, your ways and means preparer. Know with a certainty you have no need to doubt but enjoy this time as it unfolds for you. Be lifted up now.

We built the house and had much fun (and "blood, sweat and tears" equity) and 4 years later sold it and got completely out of debt, then built another. God is good!

In Genesis 50:21 the bible encourages us to not be afraid saying God will provide for us and our little ones, going on to say that he spoke kindly to them and comforted them. I think this might apply to us ever today.

In John 14:27 Jesus is speaking of the peace he gives to us, not as the world gives but Jesus peace. I have found that it rises above the world the cares thereof. The Lord goes on to say to let not our hearts be troubled or afraid.
Do we trust Him enough to believe these scriptures and allow the Lord to actually drive the car? Do we trust Him to get us to our appointed destination, the best one we could ever arrive at? Can we trust Him enough to turn over control to Him, the one who made us? If we can’t trust the Lord Jesus then who can we trust?

Prayer: Dearest Lord Jesus, help us to remember, moment by moment, who is able to guide, direct and lead us right where we are supposed to be. The wisdom of the world is foolishness. Help us to follow hard after You, the best shepherd we could ever hope to have! AMEN

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