Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One of THOSE days II

Got up early (5:45 AM) but we both overslept. Rushing around to get Mick breakfast and get him out the door – Mick lifted the wooden blinds in the kitchen – beautiful sunrise. Grabbing the camera I rush out barefooted in the 48 degree weather, hey, I am a mountain girl now so this is no big deal. When Colette visited one November we both went out to catch the sunrise barefooted and there was snow on the deck that time.

I get out not at the peak but almost. Mick got his breakfast and about 3-4 humming birds were swarming the feeders on the porch so I got the sunrise and the hummers, not bad.

Back in to wash sheets, get dishes loaded, feed kitties and clean up after them. Then I grab my walking stick and take off for my fast mile around the meadow. Coming back I see a large, black feather in the driveway – oops, bird feeders are empty and the bird bath is almost dried up so I take care of that.

 It is a major cooking day – making a salmon veggies torte and a large breakfast casserole. As I put the drained salmon juice into kitty dishes and place them on the cat feeding mat on the floor I remind myself they are there – yep, my favorite stinky thing to trip over and splash, salmon juice. Surely today will b different as I have reminded myself, right?

Have ½ of all the kitchen countertops laid out with ingredients for the two dishes while I sautee onions and garlic.


I tear around the peninsula to grab the phone on the side where the note pad it – NO, there goes one dish of salmon juice all over the wood floors….

“Hi, Marijo, it is Linda at the post office – you got two packages today and one is really torn up and has nothing in it….”

She told me where it was from.

“Oh, that was my ceramic garlic keeper…”

“Marijo, no way should they have mailed a ceramic anything in a flat cardboard envelope… contact them and give them my phone number if you need verification…”

“ Thanks, Linda!”

Now to clean the stinky salmon juice up…



“Jo, why do you sound like you are short of breath?”

This time it is my sweety wanting to know if I have library books to pick up… I stop to give him a brief run- down of why I am short of breath…

Back to cleaning the floor…

The kitties are curious but not enough so that they come and lick up the mess, some help they are…
Now we will see how long it takes the ceramic garlic keeper sales person to respond to my note about the whole event. I sure hope it is SOON!

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