Friday, August 30, 2013

A Picture of Today from This Country Girl’s Heart

(Thinking back to winter.... nooo... it isn't time for this again, is it?)

Song of Solomon 2:12 The flowers appear on the earth; The time of singing has come, And the voice of the turtledove Is heard in our land.

The birds are outside making a raucous noise – they are the huge crows that find themselves at home in these high mountain meadows. Yes, they found the bird seed and suet I put out yesterday after looking at the weather forecast, snow, snow and more snow. Blowing snow as the plow runs by spraying it is puffy white clouds back into that which is coming down from the heavens. Yep, this might be the day when we get the most snow of any time yet this winter. In our part of Colorado March is known as the snowiest month.

Snow is covering the dead flowers and bushes with a blanket of white crystals and fluff. When the sun peeks our yard will glisten as a sparkly Christmas card come to live in my front yard, pure, white and refreshing so long as I don’t have to be outside in it all. Today is a great “book by the fireplace” type of day. Flames dancing and fireplace flanked on either side by patio doors exiting the living room to a snow encrusted covered deck. There are little footprints in that snow made by a cottontail who is currently finding shelter underneath that deck. I opened the curtains this morning and the surprised little fellow just stared at me for moments before scooting to his hiding place. He is probably the one who has been nibbling at my left over flowers from last fall, that’s OK so long as he doesn’t pull them up by their roots.

And our whole existence is frozen in position, like a mime waiting for its cue to begin the show. Frozen in place, the aspen buds waiting and wondering if this is the time to burst forth as yesterday it was in the mid 40s. Then came today and back they went to freeze frame.

The evergreens; spruce, pines and ponderosa are blowing in the wind which is making that snow dance and swirl. I lift a little prayer for those out driving in this, my husband and others who will need to make their way back to this mountain meadow after a day of work away.

I went with him earlier this week, the sunrise pinking up the sky in early morning twilight. We hadn’t gone yet a half mile when a raggedy yearling elk jumped right in front of the truck and then skittered away to the side after our slamming of brakes. We looked around and there they were, the elk girls on both sides of the road, munching on whatever they could find. It is close to their time to give birth to those wonderful claves and they are eating and eating to prepare.

We saw another herd of elk before we even got to the first town which is a mere 24 miles from our front door.

The cattle are having their babies. Imagine an after dinner ride on the muddy roads and going just far enough to see a tiny black baby wobbling to his feet as his mother tries to lick him dry in the cold and snow. You don’t see how they can make it against those odds but they do anyway, the older ones in the same meadow chasing, butting heads and nursing.

Do I love being a country girl? You bet I do. There are a few inconveniences but much openness, great neighbors and the animals are incredible. Soon the colorful jewel tone humming birds will be back, the blue birds have already returned. The peace and beauty of the mountains almost can’t be described. Even on a “freeze frame” day like today.

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