Friday, October 11, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

Agreeing to disagree – my very best friend is a pretty liberal democrat. We have been really close for 43 years now. We agree on major things like God, family and standing by each other. How can this be? Over the years there are just some things we have agreed to disagree about. Paula dropped everything when Mick and I were moving from Texas to Oregon and I twisted my foot (and broke bones) in our final garage sale before the move. She cleaned our rental and helped Mick finish packing and drove one vehicle to Oregon, me, with my foot on the dashboard to keep the swelling down. I marveled and she said “Jo, you’d have done the same thing for me….”  After thinking about it for a minute I knew she was right.

Kittens – there is nothing better than interacting, laughing and playing with a kitten. They are soft, furry and purry. Feisty little things who think they are monster huge and will attack something (someone) 9 times their size to prove this. Our Jazzy at 2# proved this much to the dismay of our more sedate Hooney who weighs in at 18# and at 11 is much more dignified than this kitten stuff. He has forgotten how he used to be but I have photos.

Chocolate……Rich, smooth, melting on the tongue. A moment on the lips, forever on the hips…. Enough said.

Sunrise in the mountain meadow or sunset, clear skies, clean air and the skies all painted by the Lord to the delight of our eyes.

Writing with flight of thought, stream of consciousness painting word pictures for our readers.
Purple iris smelling like grape Kool -Aid, beauty unsurpassed in their delicacy yet strong enough to survive our gale force winds.

Defrosting the chest freezer and finding some of the best soups I have ever made and dinner without cooking tonight.

Family and friends who are closer than a brother (or sister) and being blessed so much by both.
My “adopted” brother Eddie who married my roommate and best friend, they both have been with me through it all over the past 43 years. (Ed since 1966!)

My husband and male best friend, we are wired much the same and growing more in love and commitment to each other with the passing years.

My Lord and Savior Jesus, I would have been dead by now the way I was going without Him. He is my delight and the reason I can smile, my joy and my life.
Books, being able to read and write, the public library helping me to quench my literary thirst over and over again.

To be an encourager, if you think that you are in a bad place with terrible things happening always look for someone worse off to try to impact. This has been a life-long focus of mine and it really works for you and for that other person.

I like praying for our world in a large sense and for those people who are up close and personal. Prayer and Jesus change things on a daily basis.

I like learning, growing and studying more as the years go by. I think to stop would be to die in a way that I don’t even want to find out about.

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Gail said...

Beautiful Writings Marijo. Speaking of studying and praying, that is what I am going to do. I think you said it would be like dying to stop,,,,amen I agree, it is life tous who believe. hugs Gail