Monday, October 28, 2013

Calm Down, Quiet Yourself and Take Some Time Out

Looking down our driveway to the neighbor across the street, no you can't see his place!
Mount Mc Intyre is a pretty view!

Sometimes I can just see the Lord standing in front of me, waving His hands and doing all that He can to get my attention, to make me STOP and listen to Him. Do you ever experience this as you are doing double time from the washer to the dryer to the car and running errands, then playing chauffer and getting the whole family where they need to be, on time?  Yet Jesus is in front of you still.

You sense that He would love to give you peace but you are too busy running your list. Only you can take time. Only you can sit and spend time with Him. He will give you input that will make the rest of that list line up and get in order. He will help you figure out those things, little fires, that you do not really have to pay any attention to. He will help you free up those moments to become refreshed and renewed in His very presence as He imparts life to you. How do I know? Well, on occasion I STOP and listen and let Him be my chauffer, as it were.

Oh my daughter, I long to speak to your heart. Come, be apart from the world’s rush with Me. I can teach you peace only as you accept instruction. I delight to fellowship intimately with you. I AM always here. Draw rivers of peaceful refreshment from my limitless well, it is My gift to you. Quench your thirst. Be refreshed/sparkling inside and out., as a teacher on a hot, dusty desert after being drenched/satiated with an artesian spring. Be pure in Me. Let Me flow out from you. Let My Spirit overwhelm you with pure love, Agape, lift your arms, your voice and being to the One and only who is worthy. I love you. I know your every concern and am willing to bear it for you. Therein lies the key to perfect peace in Me. You are protected by the fortress of My love, encircling you in complete and total embrace. Relax. I really am in control. Have no fear but lean on the great I AM, eternal creator, only God. I clothe you with my robe of righteousness and endeavor to make you whole. Yield. Allow Me. I Am gentleness, truth. My way is expedient and best. Respond to Me and resist Me not. Verify your growth in My Word. You are my Daughter. I am your Father. Rejoice in that surety. Rejoice

We are encouraged to become more like little children, childlike rather than childish. In Luke 18:17 the Bible admonishes us that if we cannot receive the Kingdom of God like a little child we will not enter in. Maybe there is some good application to be learned here. Kids always make time to play, relax and enjoy relationship with their friends, don’t they?

John 15:19 tells us a bit about why “the world” hates us. Does it hurt you to be hated? Not if you take a look at the Word a bit deeper. Jesus had chosen us out of the world and we do not belong to the world. OK, then it follows that “the world” wouldn’t be too fond of us. This is a good thing then, can we be thankful?

John 14:27 speaks of the peace that the Lord gives to us and reminds us that He doesn’t give us “as the world gives” (hatred, grief, wrong motives, a hassle for doing “good”) and He further instructs us to “not let our hearts be troubled, not to be afraid”. When we look at it through His “glasses” we can see that all is as it should be if we are rejected by the world, more rejoicing material here. This could even be a report card of sorts! 

John is full of good promises. In John 7:38 we are told that if we believe in Jesus according to the scripture that streams of living water will flow out of us. I don’t know about you but especially in these days I delight when life flows out of me, life that can affect those around me if I allow it to.

In James 4:7 we are given a most incredible promise that if we submit ourselves to God and resist the devil that he (the devil) will flee from us. Could it be that the enemy hates to even be around us when we are in submission to the Lord and His will is being done in out “space”? Whatever the dynamics are here this works. Remember the first part of that verse, the “submit yourself to God part”. Many times that verse is quoted omitting that first part. I feel it is in the first part where the power resides. When we submit and are obedient to Him and His leading that’s when He makes Himself a giant on our behalf.

 In Psalm 105:3 we are encouraged to give Glory in his holy name; and to let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice. This is the cherry on top and we can do this any time any minute of the day. I think it is time for me to do just that! Get into a peaceful place with His Word and allow Him to speak, once again, to this child.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, You alone have turned our mourning into gladness. Make us, mold us, renew us to be like You. Thank You for turning up the fire to get rid of the dross, thank you for Your incredible mercy in not giving us what we really deserve. Thank You that You rejoice over us with singing and love. Thank You that you want to spend time with us! AMEN.

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