Monday, October 14, 2013

Procrastinator, NOT

Fron hike this weekend - back way to Buena Vista/Salida, CO

I have decided that I am wired differently than most people.

In college, I never dated on a week night EXCEPT during final week. Review my notes, and go out for a Pepsi with a guy and come back to the dorm and get a good night’s sleep. If I didn’t know it by then I never would. I studied as I went along – tried to get my term papers done and turned in early because there was such a sense of relief to have it “off my list”.

My best friend in life is a great procrastinator. She used to be a teacher and would have things hanging over her head all summer vacation then scrambling around she got them done a week or so before school started. I abhorred things hanging over my head so would dig in and not wait for the deadline.

My wisdom teeth did not cooperate. I was told in high school when I had braces that there was no room in my mouth for wisdom teeth and I had to have them out the minute they began making their appearance. And I waited with that hanging over my head. Finally, they “communicated” with my sinuses and there was an infection. I was then in my 40s and thinking it was seriously past time for my “smart teeth” to make an appearance. By that time I had this so worked up in my mind I was panicked.

That morning in my quiet time there was a scripture about God taking me by the hand and hanging unto me. When I got to the dentist’s office there was a perky little gal with a button on her lab coat “Let’s Keep Christ in Christmas” I poured out my angst to her. She assisted the dentist and with her other hand literally held mine through the procedure. I did incredibly well even though my teeth procrastinated in spite of me and I ended up with no lower wisdom teeth – there had never been any so we only had to deal with the uppers. They gave me a sleeping pill and a shot of Demerol as they told me I wouldn’t be all the way “out” but I wouldn’t care what they did. I thought “yah, sure…” but they were right – I felt pressure but absolutely no pain.

Also, I am totally blessed to say that I married Mick – he is wired just like me. We always show up at least 10 minutes early for appointments and after 28 years married procrastination is not a word that is applied in our home. We’d both rather get things off our list and then relax and enjoy ourselves!

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