Saturday, December 21, 2013

Good Read from One Who Reads 2-7 Novels a Week

No, I don’t want a “chick flick” kind of novel. I want “edge of the seat”, mind blowing fiction but not stories that give me nightmares. Did I mention the ones I love the best will have a tiny hint, clue or suspicion earlier that proves to be major later on in the action. Yes, I want action, well done action. OK, you can throw in a bit of romance with the intrigue so long as it isn’t hokey. I also prefer novels which teach the reader more about God. I also like modern day novels rather than historical or period fiction. I know, my list is more than 5 items long.

I mentioned in my “Favorite Book” article that I loved Ted Dekker’s Thr3e. It did all of the above and did them really well. It was edge of the seat because of a terrorist on the loose. There were tiny hints and clues planted all along and this time I didn’t pick up on them. It was only when I went back after the astounding finish of the book to verify things that I realized that Mr. Dekker was a masterful novelist and planted his hints very subtly. There was so much action that this read is difficult to put down once you begin turning the pages.  I had no nightmares as Ted was great with descriptions but didn’t prolong gory details. There was a kind of romance in the book too. I will leave it at that and you can read it to find out how that plays out and why I say “a kind of romance”.  And, in a subtle and non obnoxious way the writer definitely taught about God giving the reader and especially one of his main characters hope. It definitely was not overblown with Christianeze  and clichés.

Some of Ted’s other books live up to this description too although they are totally different than Thr3e. My next favorite of his is Blessed Child.

I really enjoy Dee Henderson’s novels also. They are action packed, with realistic characters who face many of the same problems you or I might face in our lives. They are not without struggles and yet, eventually, they are over-comers.

It is usually more fulfilling when the good guy comes out winning in the end but sometimes a hero/heroine will die in the struggle evoking reader empathy and involvement more that a sugar coated ending.

Those are my ideas and now I am going to read about yours! What do you like to read?

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