Friday, December 20, 2013

If I Had Extra Time in a Bottle…..

At times in my life when I had t-i-m-e, I didn’t have $$. I would have liked to have visited friends and relatives who didn’t live nearby but lack of the green stuff prohibited that. It always seemed when we got a bit ahead in the finances then we didn’t have vacation coming and couldn’t travel either.

So, if I had unlimited time I would figure out a way to go see those who used to live close but do no longer. We have many relatives in Texas, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Dear friends would take us to California and Oregon. We have always enjoyed camping and an occasional night in a hotel.

There are so many beautiful places out there waiting to be captured in our camera and played with online, also, many stories to write about our travels.

Something else I have always wished I had time for was growing veggies. Here in the mountains in Colorado it would probably entail making a frame house. While we are at that we could do raised beds and potting soil so we wouldn’t have to weed or bend over all day watering. The produce would be small bell peppers in various colors, tomatoes of all kinds and maybe some colorful kale – the ornamental kind is really good eating and such a pretty purple and green.

Would I write? Well, did you even have to ask. Right now my wonderful publishers and I have talked about at least ten more books of every variety and flavor. My second one is coming out in June and will be memoires entitled “Journey with Jesus, My Incredible Lord”. We aren’t sure what number three will be. The publishers are leaning towards a novella. The very thought scares me spit-less.  I have at least 2 more devotionals waiting in the wings, some Bible study books, some pet stories, a children’s book or two, maybe a kid’s bedtime story book, a cookbook with some short scriptural thoughts between recipes (Recipes for Life. Like my WS column) this will have old delicious comfort food from our family AND some really good recipes for those of us watching our blood sugar and fat intake. There is one on Godly Courtship and Biblical principles. And a poetry based devotional. So, yes, I would definitely write and write.

Would delight to do some volunteer work with some of our friends in Youth With a Mission (who are now getting into that geriatric set just like we are) in various places around the globe and our friends from Every Home for Christ who are also around the globe.  I could see Mick and I doing carpentry (me as the step and fetch it person and Mick building much) or me helping with cooking or sewing things for the various YWAM or EHC offices or bases.

An RV with our cats (pretty bad when I can’t spell the word I wanted to use well enough to even look it up…) anyway, our odd collection of various and sundry cats…. would be interesting.

We wouldn’t sit on the porch and rock although watching an occasional sun set from there would be glorious – just a minute while I run and get the camera…..

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