Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sent One

Let not your heart be troubled. I will give you direction and prepare your way. You shall go forth in My name and My time. Be not alarmed. I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall say. Forget not the widows and orphans in their need. Rest and be not dismayed for I shall unfold and clarify for you. Reach out in My strength. I love you and want to love them through you. Selah. It is in My timing, I won’t send you un prepared not overwhelmed with fear. There is a time to get ready. Not all done for Me is on instant impulse. I would not ask that which I couldn’t/wouldn’t equip you to do. You SHALL know the timing soon, WAIT, be open and ready. Selah.

Let’s look at a couple of biblical characters. David spent years herding sheep. Moses spent forty years in the desert. Jesus was a carpenter for 30 years before beginning his “ministry”. Why is it we think we are supposed to be like tea in the microwave, done in 2  minutes? We are more valuable to God that that. We take time, time to learn, grow and become a bit more mature that we were last year. Does that thought send chills through you like it does me? No, not thrilling chills, chills of dread. What, I have to WAIT? Ahh, Lord, why do I have to be stuck here with these smelly sheep? They are sorta dumb and don’t get it…. Once again I hear that very still, small, patient voice speaking to me, me with the folded over ears following the wooly tail in front of me……

John 14:1 “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me.


Please get your Bible and look up the following to see what the Lord has for you this afternoon.

Exodus 23:20

Isaiah 62:10

Exodus 4:12

My Commitment:

Prayer: Dearest Jesus, almost every word in your Word holds promise and hope – thank you for placing them there for us to encourage, instruct and help us get up and go on.  Thank you for your perfect timing and that you don’t ask us or send us unprepared. Thank you for going before us and preparing the way and leading in your most incredible footsteps. In Jesus’ name AMEN

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