Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas 2013

Well, since I usually have our Christmas letter out by November 1st you can tell that I am WAY behind...

I went from being retired and writing (being published too!) to becoming the office manager for Alpine Construction Service LLC. Which is our business with Mick as General Contractor. While there was usually more security in working as a construction superintendent for someone else there is nothing quite like seeing a huge smile on my husband's face for the first time in years. We have been blessed with clients who pay on time and have great projects. He has done everything from adding on 800 SF to a cute home in an established neighborhood with gorgeous trees to moving a large birdhouse for a house overlooking Colorado Springs. He is so enjoying being his own boss and using reliable subcontractors he has worked with for over 16 years.

For our 28th anniversary, Mick got me a 4 year old Siamese kitty named Stormy. Our own Stormy died back when I had my breast cancer surgery and we miss him so much. The new boy didn't seem to know his name was Stormy and it morphed to Sammy. He is very affectionate but occasionally shows the other cats who is TOP CAT.  See attached photos for the current tribe living at our place.

My next book is coming out very soon - before the end of this month or the first part of next year. My former editor turned publisher is doing a fabulous job of marketing and the Lord has put together a dynamite publishing team with some people who are also writers. Many of them I have known for a number of years now.

God has blessed us so much - we have some beautiful children through Compassion International... many of them are coming to know the Lord Jesus in a personal way along with being helped with school, food, medical needs and clothing. Some have gone on to Compassion's leadership training program and others have graduated from the Compassion program as they have grown up!

Our health issues have their ups and downs but overall we are still hiking in the mountains and feeling really good.

Right now we have been in the middle of a cold snap (was minus 24 degrees one night) with some snow on the ground - it might melt off this coming Wednesday. In our part of Colorado snow doesn't stay for very long!

Attached are also some photos from places we have hiked around this area.

We miss and love you and always look forward to hearing from you!

Marijo and Mick

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