Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cat Wars

Having said the below it did take Tika 10 months before she quit trying to KILL Jazzy and now they are buds... we have only had Sammy 8 months....

Sent this to my neighbor (Donna Rodriguez) and now to you guys because I know you are "cat ladies" and you will pray...THANKS

OK..... Sammy is the most loving and affectionate boy - when he is with Mick and me - alone. He is getting a bit better and even plays with Bobby on occasion -  other times he comes up behind him and nails him with paws (claws?) and bites him on the back of the neck... he tries the same with Tika and she screams - do not know if he actually hurts her or not with all her fur. Jazzy holds her own with him and surprisingly Hooney sometimes attacks Sammy.

Bobby used to be mean to all the others and is some better since Sammy came but he is unmerciful with Tika (she will be nine and I will not have this)

We are trying to make the computer room (where Tika often times hangs out chewing wires, getting fur and sand all over everything etc) CAT FREE.

Tika goes in our room when we are gone and we were hoping the rest would learn to get along.

Today I have had it... Bobby jumped on Hooney and made him cry. Then Sammy jumped on Bobby and tore into him.

I told Mick I was ready to give both Sammy and Bobby to a no kill shelter with instructions that they each were to go to a house with no other cats.

After I said that I heard things in the garage and Mick got the cages back in gear - one for each boy with a nice, warm cube, a sand box, a screwed down water and food dish etc. So right now I loved on Bobby and then put him in a cage and loved on Sammy and put him in a cage.

Jazzy got so freaked she wouldn't allow me to get near her.

We will see how this goes and maybe each time someone kills someone else they get to go into the cage - right now we are trying this with them out there for tonight - we used to have all but the oldest in the garage every night (Mitzi stayed in before she died and then Stormy stayed in but all others went out into cages and it didn't hurt anyone except the time that I think Hooney figured out how to get out of the cage (maybe it was Stormy)


IF we ever do have to get rid of the aggressive boys I would definitely make them available to you first - I think your girls would more than hold their own but would worry about Nina....

Bobby sits across my lap each morning while I drink tea (in bed) and Mick drinks coffee) and he head butts and rubs and loves - both boys are super affectionate with just us. But get carried away attacking others.

Thanks for listening and I know you will pray - I am going to pray over each of the boys tomorrow and ask the Lord to give them a calm, non-agressive spirit...

It is a hoot seeing Hooney "stand on his hind legs" but I cannot abide to hear Tika scream - not sure if they hurt her or if she just yells...


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