Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Step Into the Waters

Seek Me and I hear your praises. Open your mouth and I will teach you what pleases Me. Put your foot forward and I will give you strength, direction and freedom. Have the desire, yield your will and I will fulfill that my Son might be glorified in what and who you are becoming in His name. 

Have the desire and I, your God, will implement it as you relax in Me. My strength takes over as you release your all to me. Your work is ashes but My work in you through my Spirit brings forth life.

These scriptures and ideas which refer to our letting go, especially in water, our admitting weakness and then our Lord will be strong on our behalf can be flat out scary. Some of us (me) have come close to drowning before, in deep water. Some of us can still taste the chlorine all these years later so these references are impactful. I was saved when the idea came to me as the rescuing friend I almost drown threw me backwards into the water, then the “idea” came to float. With all the watery examples in the Bible they must be something many can relate to. I am so glad they are there.

Psalm 18:16 He sent from above, He took me; He drew me out of many waters


Please read the following and note how they apply to your life.

Psalm 66:6

Psalm 106:11

Matthew 14:28

Matthew 14:30

My Commitment:

Prayer: Thank you dear Jesus for Peter, who teaches us so much, thank you that he is included. He walked on water and he looked away and sank BUT JESUS you reached out and saved him AND us. We ask this in His name, AMEN.

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