Saturday, March 1, 2014

During Storms

This has been a year of storms, yet some of the country (like where we live) has been in the middle of a long drought. It did rain on Mick’s and my wedding anniversary this year in July. We have been blessed with enough rain since then so that the crunchy grass actually turned green and, oh, those wild flowers!

Do we mind the thunder, lightening and occasional power outages, nope, not so long as they bring life to this mountain meadow. There are definitely storms in our life in Jesus. They too, bring life if we allow them to do their work. Remaining yielded is the challenge. Are we ready to accept that one or do we stand on our “hind legs” like a cornered kitten with all claws bared striking out at anything in front of us?

If we listen carefully we can hear our Lord speaking to our hearts:

You hear the gentle rain. My tears wash and cleanse and nourish the grass, flowers and trees.  Just as the blood of my Son purifies all who accept it as shed on their behalf. Through your walk with me there will be some of your tears shed to help you grow and become more fruitful as Jesus is magnified and your own willfulness is offered up as a sacrifice of praise to the Lamb who is worthy.  Let me wash and purify you/make you spotless. Rejoice even in my rain times even when you think you can’t see my Son – perhaps He is accomplishing His great work in you even more on those rainy, rainy days.  Praise Him. Praise Him.

His promise to end the storm and not make it a devastation one is found in Genesis:

The rainbow shall be in the cloud, and I will look on it to remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth.”

Prayer: Lord Jesus, we thank you so much that even those storms in our lives turn to a blessing. We can’t have growth without some lightening and thunder. We only have crunchy grass under foot until we allow you to work your ways to help us grow and change. Sometimes we get stuck and need that storm to help u go forward, unstuck and progressing in you. We want to be more like Jesus. How can that happen if we don’t walk in His footsteps which include paths of difficulty at times. Thank you in the midst of those paths, thank you that you are walking them with us! AMEN

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