Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Lord, I asked You
To wipe away my tears
You showed me dawn
As exquisite day
Your glorious Son
Rising again
Lighting magenta skies
Showing Your way to men
And I cried

I cried because You
Touched in me
My inner being
With Your beauty

I saw lost men drowning
In despair
You brought to mind the cross
With Jesus lifted there
You showed me how He died for us
And was buried deep away
Yet rose victorious over  grave
Alive on that 3rd day
And I cried

I cried with joy
Able to cling and cope
That vision of You
Gave me more than hope
You reached out
My tears to touch
And I cried the more
Because you loved so much

And every time
The teardrops fell
I saw healing release
As Jesus'  touch made well
As I started to turn loose
My worries began to go
I prayed
"Lord, don't wipe away my tears,
Just direct their flow."

(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with proper credits.

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