Friday, March 7, 2014

Longing for God? You Can Choose to Meet With Him Today!

The line will not be busy, you don’t have to schedule an appointment weeks ahead of time. The Lord Jesus Christ is as close to you as a prayer. Our pastor once asked if you had picnics with God and then told us how you can actually sit and have a 5 course banquet, indicating that the choice was ours.

“But I am TOO busy to sit and pray….” On those days it would seem that we are actually too busy NOT to sit and pray. Think of all those things you have to do today. Think of those lists, appointments and time constraints. Then think of who “knit you together in your mother’s womb” and knows you best. Maybe He had some valuable input on today and His plan for your 24 hours? Think how much smoother it might go if you actually talked with your “consultant”.

I know those days I purpose to sit at His feet early and listen things go so very much better. He is always glad to meet, even if it has been a while since I came to Him.

My child, it had been so long since you have come away to really rest in my arms and be renewed.

Is there a need? Do you see/sense an emptiness?

Do you hear me not though I am ever present? Listen.

Be still and know that I am God.

Be still and know the great I AM.

Come away my beloved and selah. (Pause and think calmly)

Prayer: Dearest Jesus, please forgive me for those days that I get so caught up in the cares of this world that I neglect to come to You. There is no excuse and yet sometimes I find this happening way too often even though I always delight to be in your presence. Help me to learn well enough to make a change in my “habits” – You are the very best “habit” anyone can have – coming into your presence is an honor and privilege. Please help me never to forget.

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