Monday, April 7, 2014

Are You Growing in the Lord Jesus Christ?

My daughter, in my timing you shall know. Are you growing? Allow Me to stretch you – I AM renewing and restoring and reviving you. I AM yours and you are Mine. I am stretching and do have a purpose and a plan. Fear not, but seek Me – you shall know soon and very soon. Meantime, rest in Me. I have given you My burden for My purpose. Shine Jesus. Grow as I stretch you – share the truth in love – stand your ground – stay steady – stand firm. Realize Me in you. Stay free, whom the Son has set free is free in deed. Selah.

Are there times when you wonder if you are growing at all or simply groaning? Do you wonder if you are being changed to become more like our Lord Jesus? We definitely have those times when we feel s-t-u-c-k and not doing much except getting “fatter” - soaking up more good teaching but wondering if it is changing us or just putting on padding. And then the Lord speaks in His still, small voice to our hearts.

Psalms 51:10 speaks of the work the Lord does within us – he is creating in us a clean heart and renewing a faithful spirit within us.


Let’s look into the Word and make some notes on how the following scriptures apply to us.

Isaiah 40:31 (I am always impressed with the fact that walking might be harder than running – with walking you can faint and with running you simply grow weary)


Psalm 23:3


Psalm 85:6


Psalm 80:18


My Commitment:


Prayer: Dear God, Most High, please refresh, restore and revive us that we may more fervently praise Your name and Your works and Your mercy and goodness! Grow us up in these areas too, we pray. In Jesus name, AMEN.
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