Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fine Tuned Ears

 Draw nigh unto Me and I will draw nigh unto you. When you’re feeling distanced from Me, sit at My feet – praise, worship and pour out your heart; then listen.

We sometimes find it hard to imagine that God, the very God who spoke the worlds into existence, is concerned about us. God is the God of caring; God is the God of relationship. The only ones who might be missing in this picture are us. He is always there and ready and waiting to enjoy our company. He delights in our worship and praise. To think that there are things we do which delight our Lord is amazing. It is sometimes difficult to fathom that He has time for us, and that He actually takes pleasure in our presence, yet He does. How can we best worship God? We start by listening. Can you hearing Him calling to you? The voice will not be loud, impatient or hesitant. His voice will be filled with love and care. Jesus actually wants to spend time with us and hear our hearts.

“…Then the priest said “Let us draw near to God here.” 1 Samuel 14:36

DIGGING DEEPER Read the following passages. What do the following scriptures speak to your spirit this afternoon? Spend some time and record God’s revelation.

Matthew 28:9

John 4:23

Revelation 1:17

My commitment:

Prayer: Oh, Lord, a healthy fear and respect gets things back into perspective – help us to truly worship You in spirit and truth! Help us to remember that for us, Your appointment book is never too full. Please help us to be responsive to Your drawing us ever closer. Only as we see You can we become more like You, and that is our true desire.

In Your name, Lord Jesus, amen.
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