Thursday, July 17, 2014



Help me not to be an ineffectual rattle,

Quiet me, Holy Spirit

Until Your timing is right

Or whisper firmly in love.

Squelch my quivering tongue

Until You can articulate through me

A message in Your strength,

Not my fleshly efforts.


Help me not to be

A noisy, 4th of July display

But a single, sharp, clean shot

Straight to the searching heart

With Your Word’s message

Shared in “other seeking”

Selfless love.


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There are so many places in the Bible where a believer is encouraged to go and tell. Go into our own world and tell who, EVERYONE about our Lord and Savior. Tell those we see daily – the mail man or lady, the clerk in the store, the policeman on the corner, the waitress in the café, our friend down the street. Tell of the forgiveness available in Jesus Christ – share the wealth. It was pondering about this, the “great commission” to go, tell and make disciples that prompted me to write this poem.

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