Thursday, July 3, 2014

Unequally Yoked but Not By Choice

(This was written many years ago, in another lifetime.  When I got married we were equally yoked and then I went and got saved.... gone was the alcoholic my husband had married and the atheist too.... it became very interesting in our household. This poem came out of my heart during "one of those times".  I might add a PS, although he left, the Lord is SO good. I have now been married to a godly man that I met at Youth With a Mission,  for going on 29 years (July 14, 1985 was that blessed date!) I thought that perhaps some of you could relate to what I was expressing here through verse. Divorce was not in my vocabulary but apparently my then husband had other ideas and pursued them.)
There are those times
When the stereo pulsates with the heartbeat
Of some ancient drum
And he sits there
With watered down wine
 It’s smell circling around my life
Our differences so vast
I must cry out
Because I was momentarily flashing
It almost makes me want to
Throw in the towel
And give up
But I see You there too
Knowing Jesus, that leaving You
Would be ultimate death
“A house divided against itself cannot stand”
But better still
“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
And you shall be saved and all your household”
Holy Spirit, convince his heart
I can’t.
© Marijo Phelps all rights reserved – use giving proper credit only

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