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Courtship Story #11 East Texas Weather

Courtship Story #11 East Texas Weather
East Texas is known for its weather. Sometimes that is spelled with all capital letters like this WEATHER, when it is it can include tornadoes – the volunteer fire department once sighted SIX different tornado funnels in one evening right close to the Youth With A Mission Ranch. We were all on red alert and not sure where to go as most of the housing there was built without the benefit of basements.
It was during “one of those times” that we had rain. Many of you who have never experienced EAST TEXAS RAIN (notice the capital letters again) are thinking that little spring shower which makes those beautiful blue bonnets and crimson clover. Well, the kind of water I am talking about here looks like someone turned on the upstairs showers and left for the day. The lake sized ponds on the Twin Oaks Ranch can go up 3 feet in a day of rains like that.
Yes, it was one of “those” occasions. The rains had stopped, Mick had picked me up at the girl’s dorm and was taking me to our favorite breakfast spot close by, Love’s gas station and convenience store that did a pretty good job serving breakfast. We were part way there.
It suddenly came to my attention that those rains yesterday had left numbers of homeless out in the streets. Oh, no, my least favorite kind of “homeless”….
“Hey, look at the tarantulas! My nephew Chris would love to have another one – the last one I got him got loose in the house and they have been looking for it ever since!” My fiancĂ©e had little boy excitement in his voice as he slammed on the brakes digging all around the piles of treasure in the front of his El Camino.
“You are going to try to get one of THOSE and bring it in this truck to take to Chris?”
“Yah, I know there is a band aid box here somewhere, just a minute….”
Band aid box – at least he wasn’t thinking one of the coffee saucer sized arachnoids. I lost my appetite and Love’s no longer had much appeal for me, great appetite suppressant, those furry looking crab-like critters.
“Hey, Jo, they aren’t very poisonous – I KNOW that band aid box is here somewhere….”
“Mick, look at me in the eyes” I put two hands his shoulders and turned him away from his frantic search for a spider container in the truck. “I am very serious here – I can be just as dead from a heart attack as a poisonous spider bite, please let’s leave these little homeless critters OUT THERE and us right here in the front seat of your truck going to Love’s?”
There must have been something about my voice which told him to me this was not a joking matter. Something about my panicked and fast breathing that clued him in or maybe it was my blanched face, but he listened.
“OK, I hear you. I don’t think Peggy has forgiven me for bringing the first one to their place anyhow.”
Mick leaned over and gave me a big hug, “interesting things I keep finding out about you woman”.
He double clutched Brownie, shifted into gear and we were once again off to Love’s. I actually quit holding my breath about a mile down the road. I had only one sister. We did catch frogs at the lake. Mick, on the other hand was one of eleven kids and most of those were boys. I can only imagine what their mother put up with when they brought the “homeless” to their home.

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