Saturday, January 17, 2015

Courtship Story #15 Arson Fire and Shooting
We were coming back from Tyler and a movie we’d seen. On this narrow country road we saw lights, hears sirens and could see flames dancing in the darkness of the evening. There were cars pulled over and stopped on both sides of the road.
“What is the world is going on here?”
“Not sure but here comes a sheriff”
Mick rolled down his window “Can you folks please move to the left side of the road? We have a man who started a fire at the house up ahead and he has a shot gun. We aren’t sure what he will do when we close in on him……”
Shortly after pulling to the left we heard the roar of a car engine. “Get down on the floorboard, Jo!”
I did and felt Mick leaning over the top of me as a car came by us. It STOPPED and we heard voices saying “let him through, let him through….”
We were ducked down not knowing if he was going to use a shot gun on the side of our truck. We nad no idea what was going on outside.
Then someone “pealed out” going way too fast followed by official cars with  sirens.
“That was scary, he had been shooting! That popping noise was a gun, wasn’t it?. What in the world do you think was going on?”
“I don’t know but think we would have been better to go to the Family Night services at the Twin Oaks Ranch”
“You’ve got that one right!”
We found out later that it was a family dispute. The son had gone back with a shot gun trying to scare his parents into agreeing with him on some issues and then started their house on fire.
We both decided that this was WAY too much excitement for one evening.
By this time in our relationship we were engaged and had set a wedding date in the not too far off future. It seemed like it was never going to be July 14th. We were praying and trying to be patient for our big date!
The Lord was helping us not to cross boundary lines we had laid down in our relationship. We were trying to never “awaken your love before its time” Both of us feeling the time to really awaken our sexual love was on our honeymoon. This was a gift we felt strongly about giving each other AFTER the wedding. Did we sail through this engagement period without a struggle? No, but with the help of the Lord we were able to wait until the honeymoon! This was quite a strong statement to make for two who had been OF the world before Jesus. Neither of us had been born teething on the Bible. We both had come the long way around to the Lord.
Sometimes we took long walks on the Youth With a Mission ranch. We could talk, laugh and see others who were there without being in a situation where temptation might reign supreme. At times we took others to dinner with us to bless them and enjoy their company. YWAMers were always broke. The only reason Mick had some money was because he was a carpenter doing work on the Ranch and also for customers off the ranch.
That night we were thanking God for keeping us safe in the house fire and shot gun situation. Talk about adrenalin flowing! Yikes.
(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with proper credits.

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