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Courtship Story #16 Five Hours of Sleep a Night

Courtship Story #16 Five Hours of Sleep a Night
I had always been an eight to nine hours of sleep a night girl, less than that and I didn’t function. I was a heck of a wreck or a mess. It had been this way all my life and I was not in my 30s and not getting any younger. SO what in the world was happening? Mick and I were engaged to be married, taking long walks in the evenings combined with talking, praying, laughing and seeing friends at Youth With A Mission in Texas. AND I was still bouncing out of bed at zero dark thirty in the morning even before the alarm went off, not tired or draggy but totally exhilarated! And this wasn’t an occasional day but week in and week out.
We wanted to get siding on the little prayer chapel which was over by the platform on the lake where we planned an outside wedding. Our thoughts being the chapel needed siding and it would look so much better in the wedding photos if it was “dressed for the occasion”. Mick was a carpenter and I was my daddy’s daughter, having used a hammer since I was six years old.
“Hold what you’ve got” I heard the words but had no idea what that wonderful Texan wanted me to do with the LONG and increasingly heavy piece of siding I was attached to at the other end of the chapel from my fiancĂ©e.
“What do you want me to do?”
“Hold what you’ve got…”
OK. I wouldn’t have asked for clarification if I understood Texan in the first place… “honey, I heard every word you said but have no clue what you’d like me to do with this piece of siding…”
“You are just fine. Just keep doing what you’re doing while I get this end nailed down…”
That I could understand. It was over 100 degrees and the humidity was its usual 99% - we were being buzzed and dive bombed by more huge stinging things than I had ever seen growing up in Minnesota. Wasps, mud daubers, bumble bees and many “critters” I didn’t know the names of. Betsey bugs, rolly pollies, ant lions and stink bugs were just a few that Mick had taught me about ion some of our walks. Did I mention he was a local boy, born and raised within a few miles of the YWAM Ranch? I was OK just so long as none of those insects thought I looked like lunch or a good place to test their stingers.
We finished the siding in a couple of times of work after our regular days work. I had slivers from the first times when I forgot to wear work gloves and a much better idea of what Mick’s daily work entailed.
The chapel looked wonderful. Looking back at the wedding photos there was not one of them which even got the chapel in the picture……
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