Thursday, January 8, 2015

Courtship Story #3 All in One Package

Mick and his brother Carl in 1985
Courtship Story #3 All in One Package
A group of us were playing Risk together. This was definitely before Mick and I were in a courting relationship. His roommate had invited me over for a rousing game of war and battleships and laughs and Mick happened to be in the group who decided to play too.
I was reaching for the dice or moving some of my battle ships as Mick grabbed for something on my side of the table. His hand brushes my elbow and 4th of July fireworks ensued in my tummy.
Before I came to the Lord relationships I had been in with “fireworks” had all turned into huge disasters. SO I thought that the meaning of this innocent encounter was that I was to keep avoiding Mick at all costs. Thankfully, I mentioned this to my small group leader, Mary. A dialog began about God and His perfect plan for marriage and how He wanted us to have it ALL.
Friendship needed to be the foundation but there was also common calling in the Lord. It wouldn’t work is one of you was called to be overseas and the other felt called to do inner city USA ministry – ok, that makes sense. AND the Lord wanted you to be attracted to each other physically and romantically. The trick was to HEAR from Him before you got your emotions turned loose because those emotions can make super ear plugs. The Lord is the greatest romanticist in the universe. Just think about it and also take a look at Song of Solomon sometime too.
Hum, so that might mean I could still be Mick’s friend even though I was attracted to him, novel idea. The Lord Jesus had done much healing within me and it looked like there was still more to come. I was SO thankful for being at Youth With a Mission at this point in my life. What teaching, prayer covering, leadership to get close to and the Lord Jesus Christ to open up to and allow to do what He had for restoration and growth.
Mine was to be yielded to Jesus and He was doing all the rest, it was nothing short of incredible!
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