Tuesday, January 20, 2015

God’s Promises Speak to Our Hearts Part 2
He Knows Me

My daughter, impetuous tempest that you sometimes are, tarry. Listen to Me. Seek my wisdom in the Word. Come before me with thanksgiving and praise.
Luke 24:49 speaks to the followers of Jesus to wait in Jerusalem to be equipped with power from on high. I don’t know many of us who would say to the Lord that we have enough power or be willing to give some back to Him because we were just too powerful. One look at our lives with that incredible pair of glasses called “hind sight” will tell us that most of us need a bit more of His power. Yes, most of us can honestly say we need a bit more of Godly power while turning loose of the toddler attitude, “Daddy! I can do it myself!”

Fine Tuned Ears

Fine tuned ears = draw nigh unto me and I will draw nigh unto you so when you're feeling distanced from the Father, sit at His feet and praise, worship and pour out your heart. Hear and try.
In Luke 7:38 we are given a word picture of a woman devoted to her Lord. She stood behind him weeping, wetting his feet with her tears. She then wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them. Think of this selfless act of devoting and honoring Jesus. They wore sandals and there was nothing like a paved road. They walked everywhere through anything you can imagine. It was hot, feet were dirty. That’s why a good host would have a foot bath in place when you arrived as his guest. Who do you think she was focused on? It was not herself.

With You Always

Daughter, some days what I would impart to you is not profound or pertinent to KNOWLEDGE, rather that I AM with you always.
Did he call you to be a missionary? Well, I think Matthew 28:19-20 settles that for all of us. I know, you might think I am meddling again but you tell me what you thinks this means. Matthew is inspired as he writes the words of our Lord saying “GO and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. Then comes His promise with that mandate that He will be with them (us) always to the very end of the age.
Notice the absolutes and commands: GO, make disciples, baptize, teaching them everything (not part) and then I WILL BE WITH YOU, always. What more do we need and how can we but go into our Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and the “uttermost” parts?

Prayers for Unsaved

Daughter, all the saints in heaven rejoice when there's a soul saved. Claim Jesus for those I have promised you. Stand on the Word and my word to you and KNOW. Rest in my assurance. Lift them in love.
1 Timothy is a further challenge. I might add here that our Lord Jesus will not ever, no never ask us to do the impossible. Even when we look at a challenge and think “I can never do that” he is promising us by that very challenge that HE will provide all that is necessary for us to do it, by His asking. He will not lay something on us that is impossible to do. Maybe WE can’t do it but that is when His strength comes through for us in our weakness. That way we will know who really “did it”. It will be Jesus through His Holy Spirit in us, jars of clay.
1 Timothy 2:8 speaks of men everywhere lifting up holy hands in prayer, without anger or disputing. Ladies, we are not off the hook here either as I suspect “men” in this case means “mankind” who love and call Jesus their Lord.

All Too Quiet Times

Daughter, grapple not with the apparent silence but lift up your faith to me.
John 8:30 simply states that even as Jesus spoke many put their faith in Him. His written Word still speaks to us today as does His still, small voice. Many are yet placing their faith in Him.

Physical Illness

Fear not nor be dismayed I really am the lifter of your head in righteousness. You shall not be devastated or destroyed. I love you. My grace is sufficient even for your illness, so is my healing touch.
Don’t you love how well God knows us and then writes things to let us know that fact? Psalm 3:3 the inspired psalmist writes about God being a shield, his glory and the lifter of his head. Maybe he was dead tired, maybe he was recognizing how feeble he was and that only his Lord and God could even lift his head up. Whatever the case I am so glad David put that in there. Just those little snapshots can give us much hope. God notices when we are tired. He notices when we are feeble and not to condemn but to come and lift us up. Wow.

Anguish Not

Anguish not, but trust me. I love you most purely.
We are told that trouble and anguish have taken hold on David yet God’s commandments are his delight in Psalm 119:143. What focus, what hope and what a relational sentence. David admits his trouble to the point of anguish and then shows us by his example to look beyond. This time he is not even looking beyond to God’s promises but to his commandments. Oh, yes! So when our Lord instructs us to “anguish not” we can, indeed, trust Him and His incomparable love for us.
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